The TYF Monthly Mixtape: January 2020

In our TYF Monthly Mixtape feature, our music writers share Spotify playlists of the songs – new and old – they’ve had on repeat for the last month. It’s been a few months since we’ve done one of these columns, but we’re back in 2020 to share some of the songs we’ve loved in the first month of the new year.

Ryan Gibbs

For the last few months, I’ve been paying close attention to the releases of the British indie label Speedy Wunderground, who have issues a series of excellent singles by a variety of quirky post-punk bands. Their latest release, PVA’s “Divine Intervention” is an amazing slice of laconic new wave, full of angular guitars and propulsive synths. The label is also represented on my playlist through Squid’s XTC-recalling quirk-out “The Dial” and Irish poet Sinead O Brien’s “Taking On Time”. I’ve also really fallen in love with White Reaper’s power-pop confection “Might Be Right”, which has deservedly become an alt-rock radio smash. In between, I’ve been relistening to Rush’s discography following the death of drummer Neil Peart last month, and refamiliarizing myself with the only album by Phish/Primus/The Police supergroup Oysterhead in advance of their upcoming reunion tour.

Thomas Holton

This month was a lot. Both personally and in the news, things seemed to just compound on top of one another, the new year enthusiasm being dampened with each new thing. My goal for 2020 was to get out of my comfort zone with the music I listened to, and although I didn’t fully reach my goal, I still was able to branch out and fall in love with many amazing songs. This playlist soundtracks all the frustration, reflection and hopefulness that January brought to me.

Valeria Voronenkova

There’s old, there’s new, there’s funky, there’s chill. These 20 tracks can’t be defined by one word or mood. The playlist is kind of all over the place, but these are the songs I’ve been jamming to this month. My personal favorite is ‘American Dream’ by J.S Ondara, I think this guy’s story is absolutely badass and his voice is incredibly smooth. Also, have some Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac in there, got those two in basically every playlist I make.

Mark Wesley

Here is a playlist of songs that music writer Mark Wesley has enjoyed over the last month.


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