Interview: Talking with Tacboy about new music video – “Sober”


Earlier today, Miami-based Nu-pop/melodic hip-hop duo the ET Boys unveiled their debut single/music video, “Sober,” an intoxicating pop banger perfect for summer via Wake Up! Music.

Tacboy and his brother, Sharkeyes, comprise the ET Boys, and both are multi-talented, including grey matter, looks, and musical talent. An M.D., Sharkeyes composes the songs, while Tacboy, who has a degree in engineering and is a model with IMG, creates the melodies and lyrics, along with providing the vocals.

With their complementary gifts, comparing them to The Doors’ Manzarek and Morrison is not unreasonable. Since they began collaborating, the twosome has turned out more than 200 songs, of which 30 have been polished. The ET Boys will be releasing their debut album shortly.

Talking about their creative process, Sharkeyes says, “These sounds cannot be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood.”

Domonick Giorgianni, who directed the video, shares, “The ET Boys were a dream to work with—super talented dudes who came in early and ready to work. Get ready to have your minds blown.”

The visuals depict the protagonist, Tacboy, enveloped in the make-believe world of substances as the dynamic, mesmerizing music supplies his way out. The ET Boys’ impending release, “Long Night,” will interact with “Sober.”

The Young Folks caught up with Tacboy to ply him with questions about “Sober’s” inspiration, how he got into music, and what’s next for the ET Boys.

If you could date any other musician or celebrity, who would it be and why?


Haha, this is a funny question! I really gotta think about it. Ima go with either Victoria Justice or Selena Gomez. I used to think they were super fine back when I was in middle school. I remember arguing at the lunch table that the character Tori was the hottest in Victorious. Those fuckers would always say it was Ariana Grande’s character Cat. But yeah, if that ever happens in the future, I’d be able to look at my 12-year-old self and be like you really made it man.

What inspired your new single, “Sober?

I must have made that song like two years ago. Most of my music from that era was about my girlfriend at the time. She was the first girl I loved but I definitely didn’t treat her like I did. I had just gotten signed to IMG and it went to my head a little bit. I made a lot of mistakes and kind of walked all over her. It’s kinda weird to think about it right now because when you are in the present you don’t really realize how you’re deeply hurting someone. Despite being a dick, I did have true feelings for her, and you can tell from the songs I was making at the time. I listened to sober drunk as fuck the other night and the lyrics exactly foretold what happened with us. I guess I spoke it into existence.

What got you into music?


I was playing guitar for my church starting in second grade. I’ve always considered myself more a musician than a singer mainly because I’ve been playing guitar for so long. Also, I don’t really pride myself on my singing ability but more on how I deliver what I am saying. I try to think of my voice as another instrument on the track and just play around until it meshes in with the song. I like catchy shit so I try to make catchy shit. I can also thank my mama for exposing me to a variety of music my entire life. She would blast bands such as Cake, Linkin Park, and System of a Down every day while driving me and my brother to school. Alice Cooper was the anthem for the last day of school. As I grew up like every little brother copies his big brother, I began to listen to Lil Wayne and other popular rappers at the time. When I was in high school, one of my friends linked me to a song by a rapper named Yung Lean and I began to dive into more underground shit. I take inspiration from all of them.

You’re based in Miami, Florida. What’s the music scene like in Miami?

Ah, I’m not too sure how it is now but when I was in high school it was fun as hell. That was during when ‘Soundcloud rap’ was really starting to blow so I and my friends would go to early shows of rappers such as XXXtentacion, Fat Nick, Pouya, etc. Back then they weren’t as well-known, and we would get shit for not listening to what everyone else was. A couple of years ago, I saw a post of a kid who used to rank on the songs I would play out of my car now publicly loving that shit on his story. I thought it was funny but high school Tac woulda been pissed.

I had the privilege of listening to some of your first songs, which were great. But “Sober” positively kicks ass. Has your musical journey had a deliberate direction, or did it simply gradually evolve in whatever direction it found?


I think it gradually evolved and is still evolving. I gotta credit my brother though because our songs wouldn’t be shit without his production. Our genre is kinda hard to classify so every song is an opportunity for me to experiment and make something new. It really just depends on what my brother is feeling at the time and the kind of beat he produces. Then it’s simply up to me to add that last ingredient.

The other half of ET Boys is Sharkeyes, who is your brother. Does the familial relationship make it harder or easier to work together?

Definitely easier. That boy is my big brother, protector, and friend.

How did the two of you start collaborating on music?

I was in college with a full-ride and needed to keep a certain GPA to stay there. I was sad as shit. After going out on the weekends I and my friends would blast shitty YouTube beats from a speaker in our dorm and just freestyle about the foulest shit. I’ve always had a gift with melodies so I just started to record songs on my friend’s Mac. It wasn’t even to show people, it was just to release some emotions almost like therapy. I eventually sent one to my big brother and he began to work on the production side. He’s gifted as hell—no one is making the sounds that he creates. Our first couple of songs are trash compared to what we are making today but I remember hearing his first mix of our first ever song and thinking, damn we can really do this.

You’ve been likened to Jim Morrison of The Doors because of your voice, lyricism, and palpable sex appeal. Do you agree with the comparison? Or do you dislike it?

I fucking love it but I’m not too sure I’ll ever be worthy of it. RIP to the Lizard King, he’s inspired me heavily.

Which artists in your opinion are killing it right now?

I don’t think I’ve listened to the radio since 7th grade so I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you. I do have a bunch of favorite artists that I will probably listen to until I die and some of them would include Bladee, Speaker Knockerz (RIP), Blink 182, ecco2k, Chief Keef, and Wintertime. Those are probably some of my favorite artists of all time so I could say they are killing it in my world.

What inspires your writing? Do you draw inspiration from poems, music, TV, or other media?

Girls, hahaha. But no, really, I like to think a lot of my writing has to deal with experiences that I’ve lived through as Marcos being told by Tac. When it comes to themes, I love to draw inspiration from different animes and mangas. I and my brother grew up on Dragon Ball Z and other Toonami animes. I’m currently watching one called Hajime No Ippo. It’s about boxing and very inspiring to see the main character just train and be so motivated to become the best he can be. I’m also reading a manga called Out which is about a delinquent caught in between two rival gangs. I and my brother are constantly recommending different animes and mangas to each other. If you’d ask him, I’m sure he’d include the manga Berserk as one of his inspirations.

The video for “Sober” is awesome! Who directed it and where was it shot?

Thanks. I also think it’s cool. That was directed by my boy Domonick Giorgianni who goes by Hippiedom. We shot two videos in two days in downtown Miami. Big thanks to everyone who worked on that.

What do you want people to take away from the music video?

I’m a big believer that music and art should be personal to the listener. If a certain lyric has a special meaning to you that differs from its meaning to me as the artist, then it should mean what it means to you if that makes sense. But the way I interpret the video is that escapism through substances can only last so long.

What can we expect from you within the next 6 months? Any releases planned? Future gigs?

Yessir, we’ve got a lot going on right now. “Sober” drops the 25th and then we have a bunch of singles planned. Were still making music and have like 200 songs sitting in the vault. This is only the beginning.

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