Music News: Justin Timberlake Says “I’m Ready” & Counts Down to New Music


This is the news I’ve been waiting years to hear… Justin Timberlake, one of my all-time favorite artists, is finally releasing some new music! This morning he debuted his a video formally announcing his return to music.

It’s safe to say… I AM FREAKING OUT!

It was initially reported that a single would be debuting today, but after watching the video, the screen turned into a countdown. Making it seem that this reported single featuring Jay-Z and produced by Timbaland will debut on January 14th. Along with that, it has been learned he will announce a new upcoming album. The album is said  to be entirely produced by Timbaland and has been in the works for a while. It’s also to have 20 songs (yes!) on it.

People have been speculating when or if Timberlake was going to make a return to music. He found success with his roles in The Social Network and Friends with Benefits. While I do like him as an actor, I’m ecstatic to see JT return to what he does best: music.

Watch Justin Timberlake tell us he’s “ready” in his announcement video. Are you excited for new music from JT?



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