New Music: Sneezy Releases “Not Sorry”


Photo: Jill Holland

Chicago-based funk/jam outfit Sneezy releases a brand-new single, “Not Sorry,” a track from their upcoming third studio album, Open Doors, via Color Red.

Made up of Austin Koziol (drums), Brett O’Connor (vocals, harmonica), Austin Lutter (guitar), Tom Hannum (bass), Nathan Mark (drums), Jack Holland (vocals, guitar), Ben Paulson (vocals, keyboards), and Pat Girdaukas (saxophone), Sneezy’s sound amalgamates tinctures of rock, soul, pop, hip-hop, and R&B into distinctive, infections music.

Guests appearing on the album include Joe Marcinek (guitar), Lyle Divinsky (vocals), and fellow Color Red artist Josh Hoyer on B3 organ.

Written and recorded during the pandemic, when live shows were verboten, the title of the album refers to the silver lining opening up inside the cloud of uncertainty. Sneezy used the downtime for creativity, growing closer as friends, and refining their talents.

Sneezy shares, “As a band, we have grown musically during our time in quarantine and as the world slowly begins to open; we have grown closer to each other, our families, and our musical identities.”

The band is hitting the road in September and is ready to dazzle audiences with their live-wire on-stage performances—heady grooves, crowd interaction, and sporadic freak dancing.

According to the band, “We are going to be playing this music to all who are willing to listen. COVID-19 has affected us all. However, through this process, we have learned that we love each other and playing together. But at the end of the day, sharing our music with our audiences is what really gives us the biggest source of joy as a group. The people we play to are what makes us whole, and we are so grateful to be able to play live shows again.”

“Not Sorry” opens on a catchy, rumbling rhythm flavored with hints of funk, reggae, and surf-rock savors. Percolating tones give the tune a stuttering surface, followed by the bray of a velvety saxophone, infusing the melody with plush layers of creamy buoyant colors.


Vaguely reminiscent of Rupert Holmes “Escape (The Pina Colada Song), “Not Sorry” drips with luscious tropical tangs, plush vocals, and funk-lite energy.

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