Music Video Premiere: Gwynn Gold – “My Blue Eyes”

Gwynn Gold

Photo: Heather Mull

Pittsburgh pop-rock singer-songwriter Gwynn Gold introduces the visuals for “My Blue Eyes,” a song from her upcoming debut album, Land of Honey.

Talking about the album, Gwynn shares, “It plucks snapshots from life experiences—most of them my own—in order to craft a piece of art that takes the listener on a journey throughout either a person’s entire life or the arc of a traumatic or formative event in one’s life.”

By the time she was six years old, Gwynn Gold was playing piano and singing. Later, she studied opera under Wolfgang Brendel at Indiana University. Remarkably, sans any experience with pop-rock, the Land of Honey is drenched in the genre.

Gwynn explains, “I wrote all the music for this album, and some of the lyrics while I was being trained as a classical singer in high school and then Indiana University, I approached this album as dipping my toe into the pool of creative expression in this form. I ended up diving in full force and dropped out of college in order to fully pursue this dream.”

“My Blue Eyes” rolls out on creamy, shimmering flavors of alt-country rippling with traces of bluesy Southern Rock and touches of Americana. Elegant strings imbue the melody with sinuous colors riding a gentle, alluring rhythm. A braying organ gives the harmonics oozing textures, echoing the sinuous spill of the piano.

Gwynn’s lustrous, crystalline voice infuses the lyrics with glossy tones polished by nuanced timbres, suffusing the song with ardent emotions.

“Blue eyes so wet with tears / Wearing the scars of all these years / But I would do it all again / If I had only known back then.”

Speaking about “My Blue Eyes,” Gwynn says, “Everyone is able to understand experiencing or witnessing trauma and wishing that they could unlive or redo past events which still haunt them. Ending ‘Side A’ of the album, ‘My Blue Eyes’ is meant to be the climax in which the life, or overall traumatic arc, that is being described is undergoing that same emotional journey.”


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