Music News: Phoenix Announce New Album ‘Bankrupt!’

Phoenix Bankrupt

Today, Phoenix unveiled the title of their upcoming album, Bankrupt! in epilepsy inducing video on their website. The video plays some music, probably part of a new song. From the tiny bit we are given to hear, it’s catchy and cool. I can see Phoenix is going for something different and staying true to their musical aesthetic.

I personally can’t wait for a new Phoenix album. Their last album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is one of my all-time favorite albums. It’s finally time to hear some new stuff from this great French alternative band. This news comes following a recent announcement of new tour dates for the band. Phoenix will return to the stage at a German music festival in June.

We can expect to start jamming to Bankrupt! in April when the album is reported to be releasing. This April-born Phoenix fan couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present.

To celebrate Phoenix’s return, first watch the new video teasing Bankrupt! and then listen to some of my favorite songs from them below! Sound off in the comments if you’re excited for Bankrupt!


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