Music Premiere: Slam Band and Sam Releases “New Stanque”

Slam Band and Sam

Pittsburgh-based rock, jazz, and funk outfit Slam Band and Sam introduces their new single, “New Stanque,” an appetizer for their forthcoming EP via The Vault Records.

Made up of Adam Vasko (vocals), Anthony Bello (guitar, vocals), Mark Jackovic (saxophone), Mark Ondrey (bass), Nick Bello (drums), and Dave Carrera (keyboards), six musicians with vast experience and storied musical backgrounds, Slam Band and Sam focus on layered simplicity, putting music and the compositional process front and center.

Brimming with both retro and modern influences, Slam Band and Sam’s sound blends elements of rock, jazz, and beaucoup funk into vibrant, galvanizing musical confections, full of energizing textures and uplifting exploration.

It’s a long and winding road, and vocalist Adam Vasko proposes true and genuine happiness may stem from accepting that sooner rather than later.

“New Stanque” opens on a sumptuous saxophone riding a funky rhythm composed of tight percussion and a cavernous bassline. When Adam’s delicious rasping voice enters, infusing the lyrics with gritty tones and vivid imagery, the tune rolls and undulates on potent layers.

An oozing organ, gleaming guitars, and the luscious bray of Jackovic’s saxophone imbue the harmonics with tantalizing flow. A dazzling guitar solo leads into vibrating bass tonalities, giving the song stylish fat punctuations.

With “New Stanque,” Slam Band and Sam deliver raw funk burnished to a high gloss atop a swanky rhythm, all crowned by Adam Vasko’s impressive voice.

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