Music Premiere: Maeve Steele Releases “Tycho”

Maeve Steele

Photo: Angela Kohler

Singer-songwriter Maeve Steele introduces her brand-new single, “Tycho,” a song inspired by the lunar crater in the southern lunar highlands, which was named after Denmark’s astronomer, Tycho Brahe.

Maeve explains, “To me, this song is really a deep breath. I wrote it in the context of a lullaby, and there’s something about zooming out and looking to the sky that feels really calming. It’s reassuring to remember how small we are right before bed. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep, so this song is what I try to think about when I’m struggling late at night.”

Recorded with multi-platinum producer Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Madonna), “Tycho” follows on the heels of “Shimmer,” a dreamy, synth-pop track rippling with hints of dance savors.

Originally from the Bay Area, Maeve grew up surrounded by folk, Americana, and country music and began classical violin lessons prior to kindergarten. In elementary school, she taught herself guitar and started writing her own songs. Later, she attended college in Nashville, where she studied literature by day and created music at night.

At first, her goal was to write for others, but when she got onstage, her ambition changed.

According to Maeve, “I was 19 when I started doing these songwriter rounds in Nashville, and something clicked where I realized I didn’t want to just churn out songs and then give them away. I realized that I needed to see my songs all the way through, that I needed to be an artist rather than just a songwriter.”

In 2019, she dropped “Real” and “Tourist,” two pop-noir singles lying in the meridian between Imogen Heap and Lana Del Rey. She followed in 2020 with Barefoot, a four-track EP recorded in Nashville with guitarist Cole Phillips and Grammy-nominated engineer Robert Venable. Then, just as momentum was going her way, the pandemic brought it all to a screeching stop. Uncertain about the future, Maeve immersed herself in writing new material reflecting her emotions.

“Tycho” opens on gentle, twirling colors topped by Maeve’s delicious, evocative voice, a voice at once sinuous and potent with sensuous misty textures. When the rhythm enters, the tune takes on low-slung, gleaming flavors of alt-pop. Faint, glowing harmonies imbue the musical flow with lustrous sonic auras.


As captivating as the music is, the highlight of “Tycho” is the sumptuous tones and expressive timbres of Maeve Steele’s nonpareil vocals.

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