Jaime Releases “Stay,” from Upcoming Album ‘Continuously’

Based in southern Germany, electronic rap artist Jaime, aka Joe Styppa, introduces “Stay,” a track lifted from his forthcoming album, Continuously.

Secluded in his studio near the Alps, Jaime’s sound includes elements of rap, R&B, future bass, and trap, as well as anything that resonates with his unique style, which is virtually genre-less. Blending drums, percussion, synths, and his voice, Jaime creates innovative music at once appealing and vibrant.

Continuously, Jaime’s second full-length album, follows his first album, Creatures. As a drummer, producer, and show director, Jaime is part and parcel of Germany’s pop and hip-hop elite. Yet his creativity is most apparent in his solo project, wherein profound lyrics, honest and replete with intense emotions, ride on imaginative music.

For his latest batch of songs, Continuously, Jaime worked with various artists and friends, each giving their special touch to this unmistakable and yet always fresh sounding project. While the primary focus of this review is “Stay,” entry points on the album include the heavy throbbing washes of “Grounded,” the hip-hop-flavored “Free,” featuring franniethefirst, the dark heft of “Not Bad,” the soulful “This Time” with Gina Livia, and the elegant, classical melancholy of “Madame Noire.”

In fact, all the tracks are provocative and marvelously wrought, displaying the true musical genius of Jaime.

“Stay” opens on a soft, emerging guitar, followed by a swanky, undulating hip-hop rhythm made up of nuanced percussion and a subterranean bassline. Attending washes of smooth, radiant colors add to the tune’s bewitching textures.

Jaime’s deep voice, simultaneously evocative and moving, infuses the lyrics with the urgent passion of trying to hold on to a relationship. On the chorus, the song takes on reverberating layers, viscous with low-slung potent energy.

Smooth, visceral, and thrumming with lonesome leitmotifs, “Stay” delivers nuanced, beguiling layers of state-of-the-art music.


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