New Music: Martin Graff releases music video for “Prism”

Martin Graff

Multi-talented pianist, composer, and spoken word artist Martin Graff releases the video companion for “Prism,” a track from his recently released album, Trips for Piano.

After stepping away from music for 17 years because of the overwhelming power of creativity, Graff, his passion renewed, returned to music. It all began when Graff was four years old. Sitting at the piano, Graff felt as if he and the instrument were “meant to be” – predestined.

Creativity, however, carries its own burden. It can consume and exhaust. So, Graff disconnected. Eventually, though, the flame of passion reignited, leaving him renewed. Part of the renewal was the acknowledgment that the urge to create had never left.

Graff’s album, Trips for Piano, prompts listeners to remember that the heart of creativity never disappears. It remains and may always be revisited. Trips for Piano also serves as the score for Graff’s spoken word show, The Face Zone, which functions as a catalyst for freeing listeners’ imaginations.

According to Merriam-Webster, a prism is “a transparent body that is bounded in part by two nonparallel plane faces and is used to refract or disperse a beam of light.” In other words, a prism alters perspective, adding color and angular view – another way of seeing.  

“Prism” opens on a gently sparkling piano, rippling with hints of shadowy colors. As the tune flows gracefully, it presents a dazzling soundscape full of thoughtful, reflective tones, tones of residual hues, and occasional heavy emphases.

Beautiful phrasing and luscious accents give the harmonics mandalas of pigmented lights, as well as creamy surges of soft tints.

The video, teeming with stunning images ranging from sunsets to huge cities lit up at night, delivers visuals spanning the spectrum of modern existence, mirroring the “shifting light in this shifting life…”


Exquisitely expressive, in combination with the gorgeous music, the video conjures up introspective ruminations, nostalgia, and a gamut of indulgent human emotions.

Cap-a-pie wonderful, “Prism” invokes delicious sensations, rippling through listeners’ diaphragms.

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