Music Video Premiere: Michael Faeth Introduces “Pleasure”

Michael Faeth

Fresno, California-based drummer and musician Michael Faeth unveils his new music video, “Pleasure,” a track lifted from his latest album, My Brother’s Equations.

The songs on My Brother’s Equations were written in and around central California near the rural countryside and foothills of Prather, in the urban neighborhoods of Fresno, and at the quiet coastal city of Cambria. Produced by Michael Faeth, they were recorded in a mix of home and professional studios located in the USA in Prather, Fresno, and Los Angeles, CA, and in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In the 1990s, Faeth was the drummer for Jessamine, which recorded two albums on Kranky Records and 7” single on Sub Pop. Along with touring nationally, Jessamine performed at the CMJ Music Festival, and Bumbershoot Arts Festival, and shared the stage with Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, Hovercraft, and The Flaming Lips.

In 2000, Faeth toured as the drummer for The For Carnation across the US, followed by performances in the UK, where they shared the stage with The Group and Shellac. Since then, Faeth has drummed for Buzzbomb, Atoms Are Aliens, and Llama Boy, along with playing “in the pit” for theater productions, including The Fantasticks, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Hair.

“Pleasure” opens on low-slung colors, riding a light, finessed rhythm made up of shuffling percussion and a rumbling bassline. Faeth’s hushed voice imbues the lyrics with soft, misty textures, followed by the guitars moussing up to potent, gleaming hues. As the harmonics progress, a soaring guitar injects the tune with crying tones.

“With love and pristine clarity / Turned on to what we’re meant to be / Venus, Adonis ogle one another / Whisper stories so we become lovers.”

The video, shot in primarily hazy, black and white colors, shifts to psychedelic shades of purple and blue.

Lo-fi and full of creamy, granular harmonics, “Pleasure” delivers lysergic washes of art-rock.


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