Music Premiere: MeMo Releases ‘Business of Healing’ LP

Business of Healing

New York-based artist MeMo, aka Morgan Lynch, debuts her brand-new album, Business of Healing, which projects her inimitable sound, a sound she describes as “Fiona Apple on a light cocktail of amphetamines and Prozac.”

Business of Healing portrays MeMo’s mission. “Art to me, especially music, is an act of healing. And healing is the act of coming home. Coming home to yourself. Your true self. The little nugget that came into this world before life stepped in and shaped and molded you into the version you thought you should be. Or perhaps the version you had to be in order to be protected – in order to survive. But the act of healing is to feel safe enough to exist as you are. To find home again in your true self. I hope to help bring people home. And to continue to come home always.”

Morgan Lynch entered the spotlight as the frontwoman of the band Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, a high-octane pop/jangle punk outfit. In 2013, she started performing as MeMo, a name made up of her birth name, Meghan, and her stage name, Morgan. Playing with a rotating group of musicians, they now perform as MeMo and Friends.

MeMo’s sound blends elements of the music she grew up with, including Motown, doo-wop, female singer-songwriters, Irish music, and anything else catching her attention.

Encompassing 11-tracks, Business of Healing begins with “Stupid Girl,” a raw blend of pop, rock, and punk-lite flavors, topped by buoyant vocals. Highlights on the album include “Worth,” a pop-punk-laced tune riding potent percussion and platinum guitars. MeMo’s voice infuses the lyrics with hints of riot-grrrl aromas.

A personal favorite, “For Lilly” rolls out on Irish tones as MeMo’s delicious vocals give the lyrics intoxicating nuances and exotic timbres. The teeter-tottering sway of the rhythm is not only charming but captivating.

The title track travels on surf-rock tinted harmonics spiked with burlesque undertones. Radiant backing harmonies add glowing depth and dimension. Whereas on “I Did,” a luscious amalgamation of R&B and soul, MeMo struts her deluxe, evocative voice. The drums on this track are stellar, providing crunch and punch.

“These Roots,” the final track, merges gospel-infused vocals, a thumping rhythm, and finger-snaps into a wonderfully expressive song, brimming with mysterious energy that swells and escalates to a massive wall-of-sound conclusion.


Innovative and oh so original, Business of Healing is a grand album, well-worth repeated listening.

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