Artist Feature: Tiffany Houghton


After seeing her open up for MKTO this past summer, I knew I wanted to feature this talented musician. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Tiffany Houghton always knew she wanted to be a musician. Dallas was where her career started as she took on a variety of opportunities that allowed her to showcase her vocal talents. But she knew she wanted to be where all of the action was, and that was when she decided to move to Nashville. This young artist has such an old soul, and her music speaks to a wide audience.

On her self-titled CD, you get a sense of how great she is as both a songwriter and a storyteller. Tiffany makes a point that the CD is not an EP, but instead a collection of songs that tell her story. It features five songs, including her hit single, “Love Like That.” She hopes that her music connects to her fans as much as she has felt connected with them. From the fan girls to the band boys, her songs speaks to a multitude of individuals. Her songs are relatable, fun, and catchy. From falling in love to getting your heart broken, her CD covers it all.

But what I love about her besides her music is her positive attitude. She has been through a lot and has had a bumpy start. When she arrived in Nashville, her car got broken into and everything was stolen. Without a guitar, her journals, and other belongings, all she could do at that moment was cry. But she did not let that moment hinder her dream or spirit. Tiffany has a heart of gold and strong willpower that will go through anything. This girl is definitely a fighter, and bouncing back from that experience only made her stronger.

When I met her after her set in San Francisco back in early July, I got a taste of what this talented lady could do. She knows how to get the crowd going, and she makes sure she meets her fans afterwards. I instantly became a fan of hers as both a person and an artist. She was so nice when I got to meet her, and Tiffany makes sure that she gets to talk to all of her fans as much as she can. Tiffany also puts together spontaneous meet-ups with her fans and visits schools and other local venues when she is in the area. But if you do not have the opportunity yet to meet her in person, do not fret. Tiffany stays well connected with her fans via social media and does live streams when she can. She has already captured a ton of success at a young age and her fan base continues to multiply.

Her hit single “Love Like That” has been on countless radio stations and sets the right tone for her CD. Her pinup 1950s style and her lyrics about getting a love that we all deserve are what make this song unique. It also reminds us that we all deserve to be treated with respect and in a way, goes back to the basics of love. From holding the door to being a gentleman, simple gestures can definitely go a long way. This song is constantly stuck in my head and is so much fun to sing. You can check out her song here:


Here is another one of her songs, called “Phone Call,” which shows off her vocal range. This one is also one of my favorites. I really like this song because other than the acoustic guitar, some background vocals, and other lightly added instruments, you really get to hear her voice and the heartfelt lyrics. Also, I love how the video was shot in black and white. It symbolizes grief and sadness, but also I think there is an essence of simplicity when videos are done in black and white.

Be sure to check out her music and be on the lookout as she continues to take the music scene by storm.



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