Track Review: “Steal My Girl” by One Direction


The wait is over! One Direction’s new song is hitting the air waves like there is no tomorrow. Their new single “Steal My Girl” is from their new album, Four, which is expected to release on November 17. The song has a mature sound, which is heard through piano chords and has a mix of pop and rock. When I first heard it, it slightly reminded me of “Jealous” by Nick Jonas, which was also recently released. Both songs have an edge to them and the message is pretty similar. However, I find this song’s message to be a bit subtle as the track is slightly upbeat. Despite the subtle way of telling another lad to back off, it is probably best to stay away from any of their girls. Plus, the guys from One Direction are very good looking so there is seriously nothing they should worry about. This very talented boy band has proven to be quite the success time and time again, and I know that this album will hit the charts instantly. In the song, One Direction calls their girl a queen, but their compliments do not stop there. The song continues with giving countless more compliments both on her aspirations and looks. From their dreams aligning perfectly together to the approval of their parents, it seems like a match made in heaven. You can check out the artwork for their new single below.

Let me just say that there are no other fans quite like 1D fans. (Seriously!) There are billions and billions of crying girls out there who I know can back up that statement. Their album Midnight Memories was the best- selling album worldwide in 2013. So I’m already expecting Four to be a huge hit. The British boy band will celebrate the release of their new album with a performance on NBC’s Today from Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. Overall, I enjoy the song. It’s catchy and one that I sing along to every time it’s on the radio. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of the album when it comes out in November.

You can listen to “Steal My Girl”  here:


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