Music News: Video for Damien Rice’s “I Don’t Want to Change You”


I’ve been a fan of singer-songwriter Damien Rice for a while now, mainly due to him having penned one of the most beautiful songs ever with “The Blower’s Daughter.” He’s been off the musical grid for a while, but now, with his first album in eight years, he’s back.

His first single is “I Don’t Want to Change You,” and the video is simplistic: he stands on a dock in front of a lake and sings, moving back and forth along the dock until he’s at the edge. It’s a pretty video with a heavy tone but all in all, it’s about the song, and for one of his first in quite a while to be released it does the job nicely. Layered and vocally strong, the song is what fans of the songwriter want to hear, and hopefully his album follows suit.

His new album, “My Favorite Faded Fantasy,” will be released October 31st. Check out the video below.


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