Music News: Fall Out Boy Releases “Centuries” Music Video


Releasing the new single “Immortals” for Disney’s Big Hero 6 isn’t enough Fall Out Boy for one week—the band also revealed the official music video for its previous single, “Centuries.” The video isn’t the usual Fall Out Boy fare; its Ancient Roman setting is quite different from the very modern torture scenes of Save Rock and Roll’s “Young Blood Chronicles” (2013).

After opening images of featured vocalist Lolo accompanied by lions, an older man delivers small gifts to each enslaved band member. Cut to the arena where Fall Out Boy faces a large, ferocious opponent, a true David and Goliath-type situation. The emperor and empress are thrilled for as long as the boys are getting beaten, but they join together to turn the tides. Check out the video here:


Bonus: a Rick Ross cameo at the end, signaling that the boys’ battle is far from over.

I don’t fully love the aesthetic here; the scenes in the market and gladiator arena are fine, but the random religious imagery and shots of the emperor and empress are executed in a very cheesy manner. This is especially evident coming off of the “Young Blood Chronicles,” which were well shot and put together. Here’s the video’s explanation from their tumblr:

getting back up. dusting it off. my dad used to tell me the most important part of any of it was getting back up on the horse- i didnt grow up on a farm- but it still applied. david vs. goliath, us vs them, you vs. the world… brains, talent and luck are great but heart will always trump them. that is the sentiment of this video. thank you for bearing with us while we finished it… the greatest story ever to me will always be the unexpected… when the loser wins, when the clouds clear the day might just turn out alright…


It’s a good thought, and branching out is always a plus, but the video would have been stronger without those interspersed scenes. I’m curious about whether they will keep the storyline going throughout any upcoming videos from the (yet to be officially announced) new album (a la the “Young Blood Chronicles”) or if they are returning to one-off videos.


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