Of Monsters and Men Release ‘Empire’ Music Video


Of Monsters and Men released their new music video off of their latest album, Beneath the Skin. Captured in black and white, the music video is flawlessly stunning. It is artistic and romantic and reminds you of 1920s glamour. As to what direction the band wanted to take, they told director Tabitha Denholm that they wanted to focus on a “forbidden relationship.” The indie band continues to push their limits in the music industry, and their new music video creates quite a statement.

The video captures the acts of love, freedom, and timeless beauty. Only to further support the poetic lyrics, the pieces between the video and song fit so perfectly. The video stars two models by the names of  Erika Linder and Ingmari Lamy. As you can see in the screen shot of the music video, the two women display different characteristics. Erika plays the younger character in the video. Though we tend to associate our youth with freedom, Erika’s character is more boxed in and completely opposite from Ingmari’s character. Ingmari’s gorgeous, glitzy dress matches her bright and youthful personality. Though both women express personalities that are polar opposite of one another, they still fit perfectly.

Tabitha talked a little bit more of the inspiration of the music video.

We see the same fanciful ideas of women’s sexuality again and again in music videos, which I find hard to relate to. So when OMAM said they wanted to make a video about a forbidden relationship, I was excited! I want to make videos with stories about women that we don’t usually see.

The track is intimate and has a music video that perfectly goes alongside it.


Check out the music video for “Empire” here:




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