Gettin Real with Chet Faker and Marcus Marr


Chet Faker and Marcus Marr have certainly gifted us this season with a work of art.

Faker, an Australian electronica musician, and Marr, an English DJ, collaborated for a mere four days in the studio and produced a masterpiece.  The fruit of their labor, Work, is a four-tracked extended play released under Detailed records.  The two met on Twitter after Marr reached out to Faker who posted one of the DJ’s songs.  Averaging about seven minutes each, three out of four of the EP’s tracks are exceedingly long, but we’re not complaining.  They feature a beautiful combination of funk and electronic influences that mesmerize.  Faker’s distinct voice adds a soulful touch to Marr’s masterful work.  Critic Sally McMullen describes Work as a “symmetry of two sonic worlds that usually keep their distance. The fusion of electro beats and soulful indie pop vocals makes for a combination that is challenging, compelling and easy on the ears.”

The single off the EP, “The Trouble With Us,” was released in October and has since peaked at eighth on the Australian Recording Industry Association chart.  Faker and Marr worked together to create mind-numbingly good lyrics for all of the tracks.  Whatever system these two have going, we hope they keep it up.

It certainly does work.


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