5 cover songs better than the originals


Just the mere mention of the title may have some people steaming, quickly saying to themselves, “How dare you imply there exists a cover song better than the original! The original is always better! I don’t like change, everything has to stay the same!”

More often than not, you’d probably be right. Much like remaking a movie, a cover tends to just take away the original’s inventiveness and replaces it with some befuddled garbage nobody asked for. However, in the rarest of circumstances, one revamped cover song will come along that not only does the original justice, but actually improves upon it. They may be few and far between, but you can’t deny they do exist. With this in mind, we’ve found and compiled together a list of five cover songs that turned out to be even better than what the original had to offer.

5. Bowling for Soup – “1985” (Original by SR-71)

Before their days of doing almost nothing but Chuck E. Cheese commercials, Bowling for Soup was actually a fairly popular band at their peak. Back in 7th grade, I remember “1985” being one of the most requested songs at dances, and everyone would be jumping as soon as it started. To our eventual surprise, we learned that this song wasn’t even a Bowling for Soup original, but was actually a cover song they performed. It seems kind of ironic that their most well known piece is just a cover, but either way, they do a great job of improving upon it, and in a way, making it their own.

“1985” by SR-71

“1985” by Bowling for Soup

4. Ke$ha – “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”(Original by Bob Dylan)

I’m sure at least half of you have now officially stopped reading this article with the mere mention of the name Ke$ha, and I can’t say I blame you. Every time her pop songs like “Tik Tok” or “Your Love is My Drug” come on the radio, we usually switch the channel instantaneously. Most would consider her to be just another soulless pop star wanting to get as much money as possible, but when this little number popped up, a cover she did of a Bob Dylan song, I honestly could not believe what I was hearing.


The raw emotion she pours into this song, how she actually sounds like a great singer, it was the exact opposite of what you’d normally expect of her, and it could very well bring some listeners to tears how well she does this rendition. It just makes you wonder why she continues to make such bubblegum blandness when she could be doing songs like this. Perhaps, as she grows older, her future songs just might evolve into gems like this cover.

“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” by Bob Dylan

“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” by Ke$ha


3. Limp Bizkit – “Behind Blue Eyes” (Original by The Who)

Another classic artist trashed by a modern group doing a terrible cover? The exact opposite actually. A relatively unknown track off the album Results May Vary, Limp Bizkit created their own version of The Who classic by not only adding their signature style to it, but ended up giving it an even deeper feeling behind the lyrics. While some may disagree, Fred Durst’s vocals just feel better suited for the lyrics’ story, as opposed to The Who’s Pete Townshend. Some would believe Limp Bizkit to be nothing more than a simple rap rock band, but this cover absolutely proves that there is more to them than originally envisioned.

“Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

“Behind Blue Eyes” by Limp Bizkit


2. Filter – “Gimme All Your Lovin'” (Original by ZZ Top)

Maybe you don’t recognize the name, but you’ll surely recognize their sound. “Soldiers of Misfortune” and “Hey Man, Nice Shot” are just a couple of their most popular outings, proving they’ve made a mark on radio today. The power in Richard Patrick’s voice, the sweet serenity of their instruments playing together, what isn’t to admire about that? None of that is more evident in their cover of the popular ZZ Top song “Gimme All Your Lovin’.” Paying tribute to the band, as clearly visualized in the music video, Filter not only does the band and the original song justice, they actually spun a modern twist upon it that worked incredibly well.

“Gimme All Your Lovin'” by ZZ Top

“Gimme All Your Lovin'”by Filter

1. Green Day – “Like A Rolling Stone” (Original by Bob Dylan)

An offered bonus track when you pre-ordered “21st Century Breakdown” off of Itunes, Green Day’s cover of the Bob Dylan original creates a visual orchestra for both the ears and the mind, thanks to the hard work and intelligent sound design Billie Joe Armstrong decided upon when crafting this cover. It is because of this abounding work to honor Dylan’s legacy within the lines that earns this cover by Green Day the number one spot.

“Like A Rolling Stone”by Bob Dylan

“Like A Rolling Stone” by Green Day



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