Music Interview: The Hunna

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The UK is a place that keeps on giving. Our next present? Four piece rock band, The Hunna, featuring singer/guitarist Ryan Potter, lead guitarist Dan Dorney, bassist Jermaine Angin and drummer Jack Metcalfe. You may have seen them opening up for fellow rising band The Struts in 2016. We caught up with them in the midst of their tour late last year. Check out our interview below and stay tuned for new music from their “Hunna Bank”!

TYF: First off, what pushed or motivated you to jump into the music industry? Was it sort of something you always wanted since you were younger or was there a moment that just felt like it was something you were supposed to be doing?
The Hunna: We all came from music backgrounds growing up with an eclectic mix of genres. All 4 of us naturally picked up instruments from an early age before we met and all came together with a huge passion for live music and once we started writing and playing songs together we all knew we wanted to do this full time.

TYF: You’re currently on tour and playing alongside some amazing bands. How’s tour been so far?
The Hunna: The tour has been crazy! We have enjoyed playing our music in so many different states and meeting lots of new fans. The other 2 bands are dope too!

TYF:You’ve played in front of massive crowds to smaller crowds as well, was performing in front of a live audience ever an issue for you? Do you have any type of method to calm your nerves?
The Hunna: We have always enjoyed playing shows no matter what the size. Normally we listen to music backstage to get pumped and have our ritual handshakes before we go on stage.

TYF: Just reading through your past interviews and creeping on your social media, you guys seem like a really fun, chill band. What do you like to do to pass time moving from city to city on tour?
The Hunna: We love to do lots of different things including table football, pool, table tennis, watching movies and playing FIFA and [Call of Duty] etc.

TYF: Better yet, what do you guys like to do when you’re NOT on tour?
The Hunna: We enjoy chillin’, jamming, going out for drinks/gigs, movies and spending time with family n friends.

TYF: Being that you’re from the UK, what’s one thing you wish America had that the UK has and vise versa?
The Hunna: We always thought the UK nightlife could do with more bars and clubs playing trap, grime and hip hop more. In the states it would be sick if places stayed open later like in the UK.

TYF: Congrats on your album 100! It’s so good! Now that it’s out, which song are you most proud of? Was there one song that you wish made it onto the album?
The Hunna: We are proud of the whole album as a piece of art. We dig every song in lots of different ways. “Sycamore Tree” is a proud moment as it’s such a switch up to the rest of the album and means a lot us. We have lots of songs that didn’t make it but we are stoked because deep down we know they will make a future album so it’s worth the wait!


TYF: I read in a previous interview that the band had something called “The Hunna Bank”! Any chance these songs will flow into a sophomore album?
The Hunna: Yes lots of these songs are for the future so watch this space : )

TYF: What are your main plans/goals for 2017?
The Hunna: We aim to play a lot more tours & festivals and keep spreading the word on our debut album.

TYF: Lastly, I hear that you all are huge Drake lovers. If given the chance (and by the off chance he’ll read this interview…) what would you say to him?
The Hunna: Drizzy u da man da 6 God. We have followed your movement from the early mixtape days till present and wanna say let’s do a collab one as it will be a shutdown, trust me daddy! 100

The Hunna’s debut album 100 is available for purchase on iTunes and available for streaming on all services



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