Katy Perry Releases “Chained to the Rhythm” Music Video

Katy Perry shines light on society’s flaws of the American Dream with her latest music video for “Chained to the Rhythm”. The video welcomes us to a theme park called “Oblivia” which isn’t shy from the term oblivious. Her theme park is filled with park goers who are enjoying attractions like a hamster wheel that is going nowhere, a roller coaster that is filled with lighted up hearts, likes and emojis which highlights our attachment to the social media bubble, and a ride highlights the perfect American Dream house.

As the people in the music video sport futuristic clothes, it begs us to question if our future isn’t far from the past. The wardrobe choices are on the cuts between modern and very 1970s Stepford housewife traditional. Have our advancements gone so far or are we running on the same hamster wheel we have so long ago.

Also, if you closely watch the roller coaster clips in the video, you catch them riding a tunnel that’s lighted up with signs similar to those of emojis, Facebook likes and Instagram hearts as social media is a huge component to the bubble we live in.

The music video’s visual representation reminds us that it’s time to shake things up and break away from the social norm. We shouldn’t be living in a bubble and live in uniformity any longer. It’s time to speak out and break away from the bubble we’ve been living for so long.

After her hits like “Rise” it seems that the pop singer is making a bold move, redirecting her approach, and making larger than life statements that is filled with empowerment and shaking up the social norm. It’s a bit refreshing to see in the pop scene but we’ll see if it will stand the test of time and really make the impact it indeeds to make.

Are you chained to the rhythm?

You can watch the full music video above. and let us know what you think in the comment section below.