LeakyCon 2012: I Was a Teenage Writer & Team Starkid’s AVPSY

Day 3 was a BIG day for LeakyCon attendees. The super highly-anticipated sequel to A Very Potter Sequel debuted on Saturday to lucky LeakyCon goers. But before I get to that… I’m going to start with the first panel I went to that day.

I Was A Teenage Writer” was probably the most entertaining event I attended at LeakyCon. (And that includes Starkid.) Moderated by author Maureen Johnson (Name of the Star), popular YA writers Daniel Enrenhaft (Wessex Papers series), Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures), John Green (The Fault in Our Stars), Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss) and Holly Black (White Cat) basically brought in some of their writings from when they were a teen to read to us. It was to help encourage young writers that everyone (even successful authors) had to start somewhere. And sometimes that “somewhere” is… bad.

There were so many funny moments, and it was great to see the authors reacting to their early not-so-good work. I recorded a lot of video from this panel, so watch below to see some of your favorite authors reading stuff from their teenage years. The first was Daniel Enrenhaft, who read song lyrics that he and his band, Big Flannel, had written. Margaret Stohl follows him with some… interesting poetry. And John Green reads story about fireflies.

Stephanie Perkins shares some personal entries from her creative writing journal. It was the sweetest of all the writings, since it sort of told how she met her true love.

Finally, Holly Black shares A story she had written when she was a teen.


As a reader and writer, it’s this kind of stuff that really inspires and makes me look up to writers. It was awesome idea for Lit panel, and I hope LeakyCon keeps it on for the years to come.

Okay, now what you’ve really been waiting for… Team Starkid’s A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year.

But you know what sucks? I can’t say much about it. It’s really important to keep certain details secret, in order not to spoil any Starkid fan in any fashion. What I can say is that the show was about four and half hours, and I only stayed for three and half. I left early because 1. I had a prior commitment and was under the impression that the show would end at a certain time (It went way past it’s allotted time.) and 2. I’m not too crazy about Team Starkid. You’re probably gaping at me because of Reason 2. It’s only fair that I’m honest about it, since that played into my reaction of the musical. I’ve watched parts of A Very Potter Musical and thought they had some funny moments. Yet, it’s just not personally my thing.


However, it’s was beyond clear that it was everyone else’s thing inside the Hilton’s packed International Ballroom. Originally, it was supposed to just be a reading of the new musical. Team Starkid stepped it up a notch, getting a music, costumes and the now famous Darren Criss (Glee). They still read from their scripts, but surprisingly that didn’t take away from their performance. In fact, after a while, you forgot that they were carrying their scripts around on stage. The sound was off, and it took awhile for to figure out what anyone was saying. For the most part, it cleared up later on.

As for audience reactions, some people couldn’t help cheering at big moments or when certain actors/characters came on stage. The audience felt just as energetic as Team Starkid looked on stage. Starkid just looked like they were having a ton of fun, not too worried about goofing up or anything. They just had fun, and so did the audience. It was easy to tell that this show was a big moment for everyone in the room. Stories from friends that had stayed to the end of the show told me the audience cried… a lot. I think anything that can have that big of an effect on such a large group of people (even if it’s not my thing) is pretty amazing.

That is pretty much a wrap on my time at LeakyCon 2012. Well, there is one more thing… I have these special edition Starkid 3D glasses that I really have no need for. But I’m thinking there are quite a few who would love to have them. Hence, I’m giving them away! Enter to win them through the Rafflecopter widget below. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you receive. The contest ends Friday, August 17th. Good luck!

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