Interview: JoJo

  • FAN-f***ing-TASTIC interview Melissa. You asked all the right questions, and being a TeamJoJo member – I'm glad you got to dig out such awesome information…as far as tour dates/label issues/MUSIC VIDEOS!!! Congrats on the interview. :D

    I'm SO excited for 2013 being ALL about JoJo!! (and not her label, lol) :D

  • Kimberly

    I must say, this was really a great interview. Kudos Melissa!
    F*** them all label issues! We got your back Jo!

  • Syaheeran

    I LOVED THIS INTERVIEW. The best one yet. Very informative. Thank you!!!

  • great interview, really human, it's amazing :) Jojo is a really artist , kisses from Chile :)

  • Thank you guys!

  • Vincent Mann

    Amazing interview! Can't wait for the movie/tour/ and album whenever it comes out. You asked awesome questions. I love the Agape song explanations at the end.

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  • #Free JoJo

    this has been the best interview i've seen so far about agape.. and one of the most constructive ones. kudos to you! Agape is actually an awesome mixtape. I didnt think so at first to be honest. I was taken aback by the change and was kinda disappointed. BUt after giving it a chance i loved it. listening to it now actually. i love everything. and YES even the interludes. it makes it complete. its just so real. so raw. i've seen a lot of hate about Agape. idk maybe they dont like raw reality? they want a glamorized reality? (does that make sense? lol) but yeah.. guys give it a shot. ITS SO DAMN WORTH IT. JOJO IS THE SHIZZZ. so sad shes not given the appreciation she deserves :( and sorry my comment is so long.. i just think JoJo deserves more :l

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