Music News: Gorillaz Animated Series in the Works


It’s been six years since alternative rock band Gorillaz last blessed the world with an album, but thankfully the wait is coming to an end soon.

As if a new album and tour isn’t enough, co-creator and lead artist, Jamie Hewlett confirmed that he’s working on an animated TV series. The series will feature 10 episodes. The details are sparse but thanks to frontman Damon Albarn, we do know that the series is already in production. In an interview with Q Magazine, Hewlett mentioned that there were plans to work with Dreamworks Animation to create an animated Gorillaz film at one point, but it didn’t work out because it was too dark to send a couple hundred million on.

The TV series is a part of a mass project that Hewlett is working on which includes new artwork, tour merchandise, a clothing line, and visuals. The series may not be perfect for children, as the band isn’t known for its kid-friendly lyrics and themes, but if the right network picks it up, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t do well.


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