E3 2012: Nintendo’s Press Conference Overview

Nintendo had a lot of announcements this year at E3. A majority of the excitement came from the re-unveiling of Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U. In addition to their regular press conference for show attendees, Nintendo released a pre-recorded video in which Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced new features accessories for the Wii U. Nintendo’s main event saw announcements for plenty of Wii U games, solidifying the focus on software across all three console manufacturers.

The New Wii U
As seen in the Nintendo Pre-E3 Press Event, we now know that the Wii U will come in both Black and White editions, along with the newly redesigned Wii U GamePad. The Wii U can now support two GamePad controllers, featuring new dual analog sticks like the PS3 and 360. A Wii U Pro Controller will also be sold separately, a controller with no touch screen that closely resembles the Xbox 360’s. The new Wii U GamePad will also feature a TV button, allowing the controller to double as an infrared TV remote control without the need to turn on the console itself

Nintendo Network
The Nintendo Network will be a multi-platform social and gaming network the connects Wii U, 3DS, and future Nintendo products. It is still unknown as to how friends will work on the new network, but we can be confident that there will no longer be the needlessly difficult friend codes that plague the Wii.

A new Mii experience called Miiverse is in development, allowing Miis to interact with friends and influence their gameplay on any Nintendo product connected through the Nintendo Network. Miiverse also connects players that are playing and enjoying the same games that you are. Miiverse will eventually be available on 3DS, PC, and phones, along with any other web enabled device or tablet.

First Party
Nintendo revealed that Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U are in development for the Wii U launch. The high resolution of the Wii U allows Pikmin 3 to take advantage of different styles of gameplay and other RTS techniques that weren’t possible on the GameCube. New Super Mario Bros. U builds on the fun excitement of the original and incorporates the new capabilities of the Wii U GamePad into the mix as well.


Batman Arkham City – Armored Edition
The Armored Edition of one of the 2011 Games of the Year will feature brand new game mechanics revolving around the Wii U GamePad’s unique new  capabilities. The game features an all new B.A.T.S mode which enables Batman to investigate areas more closely with some high tech new bat gear. Being a detective never felt so cool.

This game from Ubisoft was known earlier as Killer Freaks From Outer Space. With a new art style and direction, ZombiU takes aim at a more hardcore gaming audience. It uses GamePad as an inventory/survival kit, helping the player in a variety of new and different gameplay mechanics. It looks as though ZombiU will be one of those games that shows off just what the new controller is capable of achieving.

NintendoLand is a group of wacky mini games that looks to be the “Wii Sports” of the Wii U. Check out our preview on the game right here on The Young Folks.

Other Games
It was also confirmed that Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Trine 2: Director’s Cut will all be available as launch titles for Wii U. Each of these games will come with extra content in the form of free DLC or extra levels.


3DS Games
Although it seems that the 3DS was left out in the cold for the press conference, it was confirmed that a few new games are coming its way. Luigi’s Mansion 2, New Super Mario Bros 2, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are all currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS.


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