Who Is Recording the James Bond Theme Song for ‘Spectre’?

  • I seriously want Adele to be back there to sing the song for Spectre. If she’s not then I will only recommend Ellie Goulding where she’s hinted singing the song for Spectre. I won’t be happy if anyone else just go for the big opportunity.

  • The director is Sam Mendes**

  • Daggard

    Well, Radiohead is probably my favourite band ever – and I never thought of them – so they’d be great. I’ve always thought as far as Legendary Brit artists go though, my dream pic was always Rock God: David Bowie. That dude has such a range of tone, a unique quality to his voice and could play the duality of Bond in song with a lot of dark, sexinesssss.

    • Brenna

      I agree! It shocks me that Bowie has yet to record a James Bond Theme. He would be perfect. I guess he doesn’t want to do it… I feel like they have had to ask him before… right?

  • Christopher Joya

    I lI’ve Radiohead, but, even though she’s not British, Lana Del Rey could’ve been a good choice but she has her new album coming out. But Radiohead would be good and Elite Goulding she has a nice voice but it’s ganna be interesting considering her song are really bubbly and edgy.