TV Review: iZombie 3×03 “Eat, Pray, Liv”

iZombie dropped quite a few bombs in its most recent episode, putting Major at risk and making us question what Ravi was thinking when it came to his relationship with Peyton. This did create some interesting developments though, especially those subtle hints of Ravi’s boss Katty connecting more than a few dots.

The push that jumpstarted Ravi and Major’s plots might have been the reason that this zen yoga brain just wasn’t that captivating. I found myself not really paying attention to what was happening with the case itself, although Clive jumping in a dumpster was definitely memorable.

That doesn’t mean the episode was bad, in fact I think it made sense for this week’s brain to take more of a backseat. Otherwise it would have been too busy with everyone else having their own issues that they were trying to confront. Instead we got some funny moments, specifically with Liv and Justin dancing together. (Is this where I mention that I could ship that? Because yes.)

But it was Major and his declining health that set up quite a few issues. First of all, Major can’t die. We kind of forgot that was a concern for a while and then just like Major, we were slapped with that reminder. He is not doing well at all, and I am really hoping that Blaine taking the cure actually saves Major.

I don’t know what it is but sad Major is exactly like a sad puppy, it gets us all emotional and I can’t stand looking at that face without wanting to make everything okay for him again. The worst part had to be Major on a happy friend high, followed by a horrible coughing spree that jolted him back to everything he was trying to forget. Dude has it really rough right now, he deserves some kind of good news.

It was Ravi though that probably suffered the most this time around. All he wanted was to warn Peyton how horrible Blaine was, but instead he alienated her and then turned into Ross Geller from Friends because that is always fun.

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As much as I want to fault Ravi for hurting both Peyton and himself by sleeping with Katty, I can’t. He was really fighting to show Peyton the truth about who she was trusting, not taking into account how badly he was making himself look. Then he made a real mistake, which unfortunately she witnessed when she visited him to try to figure everything out.

Ravi and Peyton could be the one happy couple on this show, especially after last season broke up just about everyone. I hope they can work things out but something makes me think that this set up Peyton/Blaine for at least half the season. Ravi might have his own adventure, aside from trying to win his ex back and that is really great, but I am team Ravi/Peyton all the way.


Which reminds me of Blaine, who trusts him right now?

I still don’t know what to think of him and his claim about not remembering anything. It seems too perfect, but he also looks so conflicted sometimes that I want to believe that he is working to move on from a past he doesn’t even remember. He took the cure so we might actually get an answer once and for all, I just can’t imagine evil Blaine disappearing off the face of the Earth for good.

Now that his dad is back in business, we all need Blaine back to freeze him or whatever might save this brain business. I do wonder if Blaine’s father thinks he will be successful with all this? I am rooting for a big fat no but he might thrive for a while before this general population zombie fear catches up with him or an opposing force tries to go against him. Maybe even both.

My last request this time around though would have to be more Clive. This will probably be a consistent hope of mine just because he is such a scene stealer. Diving into the trash so someone else doesn’t have to? Clive is the hero we were all waiting for. Or maybe we could see him react to new zombie discoveries every week because that is always so much fun.


It looks like this season is gearing up for a whole lot, and it is only the beginning. The biggest questions right now are, ”Will Katty figure out that zombies exist?” and ”Will Major make it out alive?” I am really excited to see both of these plots get fleshed out even more, alongside the weekly brain mysteries though. For now, this new season of iZombie is as wonderful as expected, if not more.

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. 

Rating: 8/10



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