Movie Review: Unforgettable

No one will confuse Unforgettable with being an unforgettable movie. We have seen this story plenty of times before wit the ”crazy white female” that is obsessed over her ex and his new partner. Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) leaves her scarred past in San Francisco behind and sets out for a new life and fresh start with her boyfriend David (Geoff Stults) which doesn’t end as happily as she might’ve hoped. David’s ex-wife Tessa (Katherine Heigl) isn’t all to thrilled that Julia is with her former man and playing the role of step mom to her daughter Lily (Isabella Kai Rice).

The plot is, unsurprisingly, predictable from the second the film starts. The crazed Tessa begins to subtly, yet evidently, make Julia’s life a living hell.Prior to the release there was genuine concern over this movie, considering it didn’t even screen for critics and the promotion was very limited. Even though it’s a cliche movie that’s been done many times before and is predictable, I at least was entertained throughout.

The acting is mediocre at best. Heigl is so serious and stoic playing Tessa that she’s fairly comical, which in turn makes Tessa fun and entertaining because you can’t take her seriously. On the other hand Dawson is decent playing a frightened and good natured Julia, with the best part being when Julia starts becoming assertive and stands up to Tessa. Despite some okay work, they’re not enough to draw in a casual viewer.

Unforgettable perhaps can be enjoyed if you enter the theater knowing that the bar is automatically set low. That is the only way this movie will have you entertained. The plot is so silly that you can’t possibly invest in it and believe it.

Overall, Unforgettable is ideally suited straight for Blu-ray, DVD and VOD consumption. There are some fun things about this movie. Tessa is so out of her mind that the things she does are both clever and funny. There are parts of the movie where it does appear to make it a compelling thriller. The final scene is the film’s best one and it leaves it with a pleasant and unexpected cliffhanger, so there was some thought put into this movie after all. The film doesn’t warrant the price of admission when there are a lot more desirable choices out there, but it’s by no means unwatchable. For now you can forget about Unforgettable until it comes out on Netflix, Amazon or DVD, then you can justify indulging in on this thriller that will deliver on minor suspense and a few giggles.


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