TV Review: iZombie 3×04 “Wag the Tongue Slowly”

iZombie successfully entertained us this week with Liv on office gossip brain, while pushing Major’s story along and preparing Peyton for heartbreak or a happily ever after. And Ravi took a bit of a backseat, still reeling from his relationship.

Liv’s weekly brain was once again the core of the story and it was very engaging to watch Clive and her handle the case. We didn’t now much about Cheryl except that she was ruining the lives of her coworkers. She outed someone, shared explicit videos of another, and cost a coworker their promotion. It doesn’t make what the group did okay but at least their motive wasn’t that off base.

The best part though was Liv gossiping, especially around Clive who just isn’t here for this craziness. Them both realizing that Liv was on gossip brain was one of the best moments of the episode for me, those two kill it. Although I don’t want to move on before I point out that Dale mention. Listen, that could have just been a one off because they mentioned Virginia and Liv had to spill some dirt about Clive’s life but come on. If that wasn’t a hint that a certain FBI agent could make her way back to Seattle, I will be very upset.

Someone who actually returned this episode was Natalie and I have no clue what to think with that. Last season, we were led to believe her story was over, Major promised to be there when she woke up but she was taken and seemingly never seen again. But Major is nothing if not the white knight so he tries his best to find her and he does with the help of his hungover from life friend Ravi. But Natalie isn’t in a better off place, she is still held against her will so Major just hands over the serum.

On the one hand, we could finally find out what happens when you take the cure because Blaine just isn’t that trustworthy yet. But on the other hand, Major needs to get it together sand save himself before he goes on rescue missions. If he dies, there won’t be that many people looking to help zombies like he is right now with these heroic acts.

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Speaking of acts, Peyton hooked up with Blaine and I am not about it. I wanted Peyton to find herself but the way she decided to be with Blaine made no sense. Liv pointed out that Peyton wasn’t taking into account what side she is on, forgetting the pain Blaine inflicted on her friends while also secretly hoping the serum wouldn’t work and he wouldn’t remember any of it. That wish went against the safety and health of her friends, all for a man who only a little while ago was killing children.

I did my best to try to see both sides, and I get how wrapped up Peyton got in a guy she didn’t know to be anything but kind. But if you heard that your new crush was a killer, wouldn’t you run in the opposite direction instead of sticking around to see what happens? It only makes sense for Peyton to put her friends first but now she is looking out for what she wants too and that is clashing a whole freaking lot.

As much as I love and support Peyton, she needs to take a step back to see what she is sacrificing here. Wishing for Blaine not to get his memory back puts her friends in danger and all she can think about is how she is used to them as zombies already? What about what they might want?


The same goes for Ravi right now. Dude is suffering but it isn’t coming off in a way that make us sympathetic to his cause. If anything, it reminds me how it is all his fault, driving Peyton straight into Blaine’s arms by even suggesting that he needs someone to look after him. Did he forget that no one else likes to associates with Blaine anymore? Come on, Ravi!

I am holding out for Ravi to have his own story to focus on, instead of mopping about something he ruined. Either actively work hard to make it better or it might be time to build a bridge and get over his love for Peyton. Because if he continues down this weird spiral, he isn’t winning over anyone and he isn’t exactly helping himself. He could definitely do better at a time like this. But I really do love him all the same because he is struggling and there is only so much he could do when Peyton just isn’t interested.

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. 



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