iZombie 3×11 Review: “Conspiracy Weary”

The moral of this week’s episode of iZombie is that outsiders are not to be trusted, even if they are good looking, potential new significant others because those are the ones that will ruin your life the most. Or at least that is the lesson that Ravi and Major learned the hard way, and will probably continue to learn.

Shawna was shady from the beginning, so even though she wasn’t the one we really had to worry about, I’m keeping my eye on her. Her Tumblr page made Major’s life even more of a mess regardless and she did reach out to someone who she thought was a murderer. Even if she isn’t the one to ruin things for everyone, she is doing some strange stuff and I can definitely live with her never coming back.

As for Ravi and Rachel, I’m torn. Rachel knew some details or was at least about to figure it out if she kept digging. Realistically, Ravi wasn’t telling her something she didn’t already know, he was trying to minimize her trying to find all this out by explaining it on his own terms. Ravi was probably thinking she would understand how important this was, and I get that.

But come on dude, when this city is starting to grow suspicious maybe don’t spill all the beans to a woman who I doubt you even checked. I could maybe get on board with him telling her if he had more of a guarantee that she could be trusted, which he would know she couldn’t be when he did the search on her.

Poor Ravi, he can’t catch a break and now Liv is involved too.

And as great as it might be to imagine that no one will pay attention to it, there are definitely more and more people starting to question the existence of zombies.

If Agent Dale Bozzio could read that newspaper and maybe question Clive about it though, I wouldn’t say no to that. In fact, if that doesn’t happen, I will be especially upset because it is now so close to her and she could find out for herself without Clive sharing the big secret.

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As for Peyton, she may be handling this case mostly on her own without any of the others involved, but I am loving it. Her figuring out how to make the daughter work with her so she could get the flash drive and then putting the pieces together makes me want to try to put all the clues together so I could figure it out too.


Peyton continues to branch out and actually have more time dedicated to her arc, and I want to see where this will go. Hopefully this won’t put her in the kind of danger that she was in with Mr. Boss, but this is also her accusing her boss and now the mayor of the Seattle. How much do we think Peyton has to worry about?

Maybe Baracus isn’t as involved as we all know he must be, it just adds up a little too much. Although I do think someone else is involved because he couldn’t have pulled it off all by himself, and maybe didn’t want to.

The best part, though, this time around was Live/Don E/Blaine doing their little three-way detective work with the brain sharing and vision adventures. They might not have all needed to eat the brain since they all seemed to have the same visions, but where would the fun be, then?

This won’t go far because after this is wrapped up, Don E and Blaine have their own issues to figure out but I wish those three would work together more. They are zombies and even if they aren’t on the same side, watching them all together is some of the best fun I’ve had this season. They are a weird family that has like one thing in common, yet it is big enough to keep them coming back to one another.


The last surprise was actually Harley, although not really, because the second they walked in and we couldn’t see his face it was obvious he was a zombie. I don’t think I actually care about what might happen to him now that he is the one thing he hates, but I do want to see how Liv and especially Clive handle it. He now knows that Harley didn’t kill Wally but someone did and Harley isn’t exactly a good person.

They can’t simply let him go and expose what he is but they also can’t just keep him around forever. Although if I had to bet, Harley won’t want to be a zombie for too long, he would probably die from not feeding before he let anything else happen.

Overall, iZombie continues to amaze and shock with all the twists they are weaving this time around. Everyone has their own path, but they also all find a way to come back to one another, and somehow there are still new interactions being formed that blow everything else out of the water.



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