Dark Matter 3×08 Review: “Hot Chocolate”

With Ryo taking the offensive on the Raza crew, this episode was a nice reminder of the veracity his character possesses. The way he easily took over the ship when he seemed to be beating Two in hand to hand combat, the bargain he put in place in front of the Independent Leaders,  Ryo’s not something to mess with and we haven’t really witnessed that this season since he’s been taking so many losses. But this move definitely reinvigorated him as a character. There was also that small, but important moment when he was holding the sword and most likely reminiscing about his time on the ship. He still feels something from his past, but he’s on a different path now, and the only way that ends is if either him or the crew dies.

Once again I have to shout out that fight scene between Two and Ryo. Not only was it nicely choreographed, but it reveals that both of them are good at hand-to-hand combat. Despite Ryo having the upper hand at first, the two of them ended in a draw. That says a lot coming from some of the most dangerous people in the galaxy. The show should do more fight scenes!

Five continues to defy the odds and proves that she’s a very important member to the team. The crew and viewers know what’s she’s capable of, but everyone else seems to see her as a kid, which leads to their downfall. Five easily came up with a plan to save everyone with Sarah’s help. I give a shout out to Sarah for assisting with the rescue mission. What made Five really stand out this episode was how ruthless she was to Korvik. She basically trapped him in an eternal limbo within his own mind. That’s a fate worse than death and a feat truly worthy of the former Raza crew before they got their minds wiped. I guess the crew did rub off on her.

Even though Korvik is trapped in his own hell, his skills were interesting. The fact that he was able to hack into The Android and take over her body was impressive. This helps attribute to a hopefully cool upcoming gallery of assassin’s heading the crews way. The small joke about the previous attacker still stuck in the wall was funny.

Six learned a valuable lesson that being a diplomat isn’t easy. A conversation doesn’t simply solve a problem, especially when the leaders are bickering like children. The look on his face was like a parent when their kids are acting up in the store. Priceless reactions. Six ultimately gave up, which doesn’t help his character because once again he’s all over the place, but it was a small issue.

One question still remaining is who killed Wren. If it wasn’t The Android, then was it one of the other leaders, or is Six still considered Agent Zero and he doesn’t even know it?

The blink drive has knocked out the crew, but based on the next episode’s preview, it seems like they have a lot more to worry about than simply passing out.

Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 9/8c on Syfy.



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