Dark Matter 3×10 Review: “Built, Not Born”

The Android’s creator turned out to be more than expected. Dr. Shaw is not only the human version of The Android (formerly known as Sookie), but she used to be a lover of Two (formerly known as Rebecca). This adds depth to both the crew’s characters.

On the one side it was highly suggested that Two was bisexual, but now it has been confirmed that she likes both men and women, and it was nice that the show didn’t make a big deal about it. They said it and moved on. It’s also kind of weird that the reason she’s always been so nice to The Android is because she’s a representation of her former love. The real question is what made Two turn bad. Was it Shaw’s death, or has she always had a tendency for violence? The flashbacks in the sanctuary make her seem nice, but then she’s talking about easily taking a scientist’s life if necessary. Did a broken heart push her over the edge?

The Android had some great scenes dealing with knowing she was simply supposed to be a vessel for Dr. Shaw. In the beginning of the series she was dealing with not being human and she seemed to be overcoming it, but now she has to reevaluate she wants to be again. The answer right now is herself. She’s even refusing to use the chip and sees it as a mask.

As for Dr. Shaw, her character was kind of robbed of her emotional connection to Two because Chase did all the backstory. It would’ve been better if they woke her up somehow first and she tried to find Rebecca in Two and couldn’t. Instead, she got added to the potential list of numerous villains that this season is unnecessarily racking up. The issue not only being that she’s a part of a bigger group, but that her evil doesn’t feel right. That ending didn’t feel justified. It felt more thrown in for a plot twist.

Another issue with this episode was The Android flashbacks. Each one basically showed her that she belonged on the ship with the crew, which was obvious without them. It’s already been established that they see her more as a person than a machine, so it didn’t feel completely necessary to convince her. The flashbacks felt like they were originally going to be a ploy for Victor to get The Android to leave the crew, but again each one showed why she should stay with them.

Sarah is alive again. Sort of. This was my biggest issue with the episode. Ever since they discovered that she was a digital conscious I had wondered why no one suggested that they put her into an android. That way she could partially be alive, but, for some reason, no one even mentioned it. Now, after being ten episodes in, not only is it suggested, but they do it! It’s upsetting because the crew always has brilliant plans, but then this makes them seem like they’ve lost their touch. This is an issue that could’ve been solved a long time ago. On a positive note she is back, but then again she is part of some plan.

There are only three episodes left and it feels like the show is gearing a lot of stuff for a next season and stuffing this one up too much. Let’s not forget that there are still supposed to be four more assassins that they’re supposed to face. We’ll see what happens.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.



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