Wynonna Earp 2×09 Review: “Forever Mine Nevermind”

Wynonna and Doc might break the third seal together. What an awkward and aggressive dinner the two of them had. One of Wynonna’s many skills is making a situation awkward even if she intimately knows the person, which always leads to some funny scenes. The important information that came out of the meal was that Wynonna wants to go on the offensive and break the third seal herself, raise Clootie from the dead and break the curse once and for all.

The good thing about the end of the conversation was that she said she’s going to wait until the baby is born and come up with a plan. At first it seemed like she was going in guns blazing, but it’s good that she thought things out and is taking the baby into consideration. What was interesting about the whole ordeal is that it brought into question how much the demon doll was actually involved in all the drama. Did it use some power to stir up their anger, or was it them and it simply happened to be there?

The issue with the doll’s death is that it didn’t do anything. It just stood there and took all the bullets until Wynonna killed it. Why didn’t it try to escape or attack? The demon seller is still at large, so who knows what else he has up his sleeve if we see him again.

Side note: I’m no doctor, but should Wynonna have been doing the training in the beginning of the episode? I’m not knocking her for doing it. I’m more curious if that’d be okay for the baby.

Rosita and Waverly got closer. Plus we learned a lot from them. Wayhaught isn’t looking too good after last week’s fight and it looks like things didn’t get any better. As for Rosita, she’s losing Doc to Wynonna and the baby. The two of them decided to try and forget their worries and went to a spa. That didn’t work out so great. Waverly sent an angry text. The two girls kissed, which means they both technically cheated. Rosita seemed to die. Waverly got stuck with Tucker. My one issue with that being that she didn’t put up a single fight! She did training in the beginning of the episode, so why didn’t she attempt anything? It made Waverly look weak and Rosita had to step in and save her. The best part of their adventure is that we learned that they’re both Revenants. Rosita is a full one and Waverly might be a half one. If she is half then the question remains of what does that mean for her biology.

Speaking of Tucker, can we talk about how crazy he was? He faked his own death. Not only that, but it was apparently convincing because no one could tell that the burnt body wasn’t him. Then he followed Waverly up to the spa and got frostbite. Who does that?! Not to mention that he wanted to keep Waverly to himself and do who knows what to her. She doesn’t have to worry about him anymore because he got eaten by Beth. Can’t say he deserved that death, but he won’t be missed either.

We have to talk about Dolls and Jeremy. Dolls sucks at surveillance as we’ve seen before, but he did it again this episode. He was yelling at Jeremy through communications while breaking into the Gardener house. The whole point is to be silent. Moment of silence for the poor sister that’s still alive without a face. Anyway, Jeremy continues to be the forced comedy. He’s not actually funny, so it’s becoming more annoying. He needs more serious moments, or something to spice up his character.

Lastly, where’s Bobo?


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