Shadowhunters 2×19 Review: “Hail and Farewell”

The show bids a hail and farewell to Jonathan. While his fight against Jace was the highlight of the episode, it was weird that Jonathan was killed so easily. For someone who had demon powers, they somehow slipped his mind. The same thing goes for Jace’s angel powers. The fight should’ve been a lot more intense than it ended up being. Isabelle’s revenge was a nice touch, and the fact that Jace used the move Jonathan spoke about made his death poetic. Hopefully Jonathan isn’t dead and he’ll be back in the finale to put up a better fight. If not, then the show truly messed up and trashed the character without giving him a proper send off.

A character who’s becoming better by the episode is the Seelie Queen. She’s all grown up now and played by Sarah Hyland. The queen is manipulative and seems to have the Downworld on her side. By offering them protection, she’s procured all of them in a single move. This might truly activate the war that’s been talked about all this half of the season. That means friend will be put against friend, which doesn’t sound good. More importantly, the Seelie Queen aligns herself with whoever she believes will win, and whatever Valentine told her definitely got her attention.

Simon’s life is going great for some reason. He and Maia are now officially dating, which once again feels too soon. Let’s not forget that she’s been captured. If the whole relationship was simply so that Simon can lose someone else, then the show needs to rethink its decisions. If not, then everything’s back to being rushed. It’s good that Simon isn’t still crying over Clary. He’s moving forward and staying away from annoying young adult stereotypes. He’s even gained a lot of confidence and has stood up to one werewolf and rejected the Seelie Queen for a second time. Simon’s a new man. The question is if he’ll join the Downworlders if the war happens.

Jace and Clary are now a thing. They’ve finally realized how to combine their powers, which took too long, but it’s good that they’re growing. The only issue is that they’re back to the “will they, won’t they” couple that they were in season one. They both like one another and should get together or else the two of them will become really hard to watch. They’ve both come such a long way that it’d be shame to see them fall back into old habits.

Last, but not least, is Valentine. He still continues to be the best villain the show has seen so far. The guy has plans on top of plans. Valentine took control of his son even though Jonathan was going to kill him. He escaped The Institute’s custody. He even has spies at Idris who told him that the lake was the mirror. Oh wait, let’s not forget that he might team up with the Queen in order to complete more of his plan. Unless he’s killed in the finale, Valentine will remain the greatest threat.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.


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