Dark Matter 3×11 Review: “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”

The reveal of a new threat was both interesting and disappointing. The twist was that the aliens were using Rook to make Simulants so that they could use them as host bodies was intriguing. It brought up questions about the relationship and revealed both sides’ intentions. The threat was also real because Simulants had already been infiltrating places. Also, if they all had fighting skills like Portia, then surely the crew would have had some serious trouble on their hands. The disappointing part is that as far as we know, the aliens and Simulants are dead. A great new threat was simply snuffed out by a nuke. It made sense that a threat of that matter would be dealt with using the utmost aggression, but it felt anti-climactic. According to the show, there are still at least eleven more aliens disguised as humans, but who knows if the show will bring them up again. We still haven’t seen the other four assassins yet.

This season Three seems to be going through a lot. His girlfriend was trapped in the computer, he got stuck in a time loop, and now he has aliens talking in his head. He can’t seem to catch a break, but he always manages to come out on top. Aside from his bad luck, Three is both a great and annoying character because of the way he acts. He always seems to defy the odds even though people only see him as a brute, but he lacks the social skills to truly get things done ahead of time. Three could’ve told the crew about his dream and how it pertained to the alien that once inhabited his body, but instead he just kept saying that he had a bad feeling about the plan. The guy went through a time loop, but for some reason bringing up aliens seemed like too much.

One thing that wasn’t explored was how Two felt seeing all the other Simulants. It always seemed like she was the only one of her kind, but then she discovered that wasn’t true. I was waiting for a moment like The Android had last episode, but it never came. Two didn’t seem to be phased by any of it, which was a shame since she shared that moment earlier with The Android. It’s unclear whether she’ll have time to soak it all in since she’s been captured by Boone, but if the show doesn’t address it, then it’s missed out on a key character moment.

It’s nice to see The Android coming into her own by herself. First, she was simply an android, then she got a human upgrade chip, and now she’s her own person. It’s interesting watching her figuring out who she wants to be because she still has android mannerisms. The new choice in wardrobe was a good start, although, I did think it was a little much and that’s why the scene with Portia worked so well. I loved how The Android asked for advice since Two packages her boobs so well, so that was pretty funny. There are things that we, as humans, feel a certain way about that The Android doesn’t and that was just one of those things.

The big question for the remainder of this season is who is the big bad? It seemed like Ryo at first, but a lot of the villains have bigger plans that make them seem like more than just a villain of the week, which is crowding up the season.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.


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