Dark Matter 3×12 Review: “My Final Gift To You”

Ryo played his greatest hand. Before I get into how Ryo single-handedly saved himself, I have to talk about an error of the show. I’ve talked about it before and I’ll say it again, where are the other assassins? The show went out of its way to show us six assassins that Ryo passionately hired to kill the crew only to use two of them. Why? What was the point? That aside, The Emperor ended up saving his own life by using his memories. There was no need for violence, he simply started stating some secrets and the crew began to cave. It was awesome because what he lacks in battle strategy and moral, he makes up for in diplomacy. By the end, he got half the crew to spare him and based on next week’s promo, Two didn’t shoot him.

Let’s talk about those secrets! Six’s was the least exciting. Turns out he was betrayed again by someone close to him. Same old story. Five discovered what her sister looked like and based on her reaction, the reveal should be a doozy. Three sadly found out that his actions poisoned Sarah and eventually led to her death. The question is if Sarah knows this already. Two found out that she has a child somewhere. What?! Apparently someone named Cryden (that might be the wrong spelling) is watching her child until Two returns. That definitely changes things and if the kid’s still alive, that’ll change how Two has to act from now on.

I want to double back to Three. He had some small, but interesting moments in this episode. His decision to kill his clone was both understandable and annoying. It made sense that he wouldn’t want to remember that he poisoned the woman he loved, but that decision also means that he can’t move past it. He chose to bury his problems rather than face them. It’s disappointing. I will say that I believe he was the voice of reason when it came to Ryo’s potential death sentence. Ryo has been trying to kill them all season, so it would make sense to take him out.

Misaki finally made her move, but it ended in her death. What made her character great was that she was blunt. She stood her ground on her beliefs and was willing to kill if necessary. It was awesome that she waited for Ryo to take out those guys before she faced him. She knew they were no match for him and it seemed like she just wanted to get him warmed up. With her out of the way, it’s unclear what will happen to the Ishida Empire.

The Android has more to worry about than previously thought. It appeared that she was on track to figuring out who she wanted to be, but her putting the chip in her neck made her take a step back as a character. Now it’s unclear if The Android knows who she plans on being. Not to mention Chase is in her head telling her that humans need to be eradicated. The Android doesn’t agree, but who knows if that chip will try to override her down the line.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.


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