Dark Matter 3×13 Review: “Nowhere To Go”

Overall, this episode was very lackluster. It felt similar to any mission the crew typically goes on. If it wasn’t for the alien and black ships twists, this episode wouldn’t be much of a finale. In fact, last week’s episode would’ve been a better finale.

The biggest highlight of the episode was the spaceships battle. It felt very sci-fi and kind of felt like Star Wars. It’s a shame that Syfy doesn’t have the budget to do something like that every season.

The greatest let down was Six’s sacrifice. His character has been known to leave the group multiple times for several reasons, so when he volunteered to do it the moment didn’t feel brave. It felt more like, “here we go again.” It’s because of that reason that I don’t think he’s actually dead. They’ll bring him back somehow through some sort of science. If he did actually die, then that would be interesting. We’ve already witnessed them killing off One, so if they really want to shake up next season they’ll keep him dead. The actor can come back in some way, but the Six we know should remain in the grave.

The twist with the corporation screwing over the Raza crew didn’t hold much baring because this type of thing happens to them all the time. It was surprising to see that they hadn’t planned ahead for it. The crew felt more unprepared than usual.

It’s unclear how Portia and Marcus have made it this long. Everyone knows they can’t be trusted and yet they continue to live. They’re going to be a pain in the crew’s side unless they all team up in order to get rid of the aliens.

The aliens still being around was a nice touch. Their story seemed to have ended too quickly with that facility blowing up, so it was good to see they were still alive and kicking. They even managed to somehow get Two. I’d like to see how that happened since it wasn’t shown on screen. Now that they’ve arrived they’ve fulfilled the prophecy of the black ships. We’ll have to wait to see if the galaxy bands together to defeat them.

A final question is if Wexler and Ryo will be the latest members of the crew. The Raza just lost a member, and Two and Three can’t be much help at the moment. The ship may need a new roster.

There has been no confirmation on a season 4. Dark Matter airs on Syfy.



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