The Guest Book 1×06 Review: “Story Seven”

Episode six, which is oddly named “Story Seven,” revolves around Adam (Michael Rapaport) who is a sweet yet clueless guy who suffers from OCD. He really likes this girl from the office, Gillian (Kate Micucci), so he fakes a party at Froggy Cottage to lure her to a surprise first date.

The whole situation is creepy, but his strategy works. However, sadly for Adam, Gillian brings Theo from Accounts Payable to accompany her on the long ride. Adam, being embarrassed, goes to all of the locals to have them come over to fake the party. This is the first time this season where all the town’s regulars have been in one scene together and it finally brought together stripper Tickles and the cabin owner’s wife, Emma.

This episode had a lot of potential for laughs and all out wackiness, but it ultimately felt stale. The best part was when Tickles started talking to Emma about why the strip club was named Chubbies. Tickles explained what a chubby actually is and Emma proceeds to fill Tickles in on what a queef is. It was such an out-of-the-box and random conversation that you weren’t expecting, yet it ended up being the highlight of the episode. The entire episode should have surrounded the ladies’ on-screen chemistry because the two women had me rolling.

The entertainment died once the episode reverted back to Adam’s predicament. He has an allergic reaction after Gillian feeds him Chinese food with peanuts. Lucky for him, Dr. Brown was at the party who saved his life. While under the sink to hide his facial rashes, Adam overhears Gillian and Theo talk about their relationship and thanks to Adam’s party, they’re now together.

The show did end on a slightly lighter note, when it turned out that one of the owners of a random email Adam came up with showed up to the cabin. She started rambling like Adam did the entire episode and it seemed like she was the perfect woman for him. Instead of inviting her in, though, Adam slamms the door on her and calls her a weirdo.

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes the perfect thing might be standing right in front of you, but you can be an Adam and decide to just slam the door right in the face of opportunity.

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