Fresh Off the Boat 4×02 Review: “First Day”

The first day of school can be the hardest. Not for all of the Huang boys, but for at least two of them.

Eddie started the day by walking to school because Nicole couldn’t be seen with him. Turns out their talk doesn’t override looking uncool in high school. Another kid also had to walk to school and it seemed like the two of them were going to be friends, but the new guy was only there for a joke, which felt misleading. Eddie did try out for the football team, but only because he thought Alison was going to leave him for a football player. Turns out his jealousy was misplaced because she wasn’t going to initially break up with him but, after finding out he lied, she chose to. It’s a shame because Alison was a really cool girlfriend. Maybe the two of them will get back together in time. At least Eddie managed to get his friends back.

Emery is no longer the golden boy. Girls are no longer all over him, and people don’t think he’s special. Apparently, it’s his bad luck year and things are going to be very different for him. One thing that’s interesting about this is how Evan told him that he’s basically normal now. Emery always seemed to have it all, but now that he’s fallen, it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to how everyone else lives everyday. It should prove to be an eye opening experience.

Evan is on top of the world. He’s officially in middle school and the principal loves him. He even got a free pencil and can get lead anytime he wants. Of course, the pencil broke because of Emery, but I’m sure he’ll get a new one. This might be his best year yet.

Side note: The Grandma can gulp down some Gatorade. It was funny how thirsty she was.

Louis has begun the war for Cattleman’s Ranch. Ever since Kenny Rogers took over, his assistant has been telling Louis what’s going to change about the restaurant. Louis wasn’t taking the changes well, but Jessica suggested to go with it. On the one hand it made sense that he’d be upset because it is his restaurant, but on the other hand Jessica was right that he should let it expand. The issue was difficult because it was growth vs. creative control. In the end, Louis saved his restaurant, but for how long? I doubt Kenny is going to simply give up on taking control of Cattleman’s. Also, was the expansion idea foreshadowing for the restaurant’s future?

Jessica didn’t have much going on this episode other than making sure Eddie didn’t become concussed. Good thing he didn’t make the team or else she would’ve been right. As funny as the joke was it also made it seem wrong to play football, so it was kind of confusing on how it should’ve been taken.  



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