Fresh Off the Boat 4×05: “Four Funerals and a Wedding”

Death has brought a new light to the Huang family. It’s crazy how something that can be considered sad and dark can bring a family together, especially when they really don’t acknowledge the deaths in the family.

Despite going to two funerals, the Huangs didn’t need to shed a tear because the relatives that passed away weren’t that close. This provided a funny juxtaposition between them and Honey because Honey was torn up about Princess Diana even though she had never met her. The sadness was so overwhelming that Honey had to buy commemorative plates, and maxed out Marvin’s credit cards doing it. The plates were so precious to her that if they were used for eating she would get extremely upset. All over a person she never met. Meanwhile, the Huangs were acting as if they were going to something really casual.

Once again, Louis felt the need to meddle with someone’s life and this time it was his wife. After seeing how she acted with her father, Louis figured she should be closer to him. Jessica was fine with the way they were, which threw me off because their conversations were awkward and cringe-worthy. The worst small talk I’ve ever seen and it was between two family members. The nice twist to a storyline that could’ve fallen flat was how Louis was projecting his own fears onto Jessica. He had never had a real chance to spend time with his father so he didn’t want the same to happen to his wife. It made his obsession with helping her more of a sympathetic cause. Jessica tried to be closer, but her and her father liked the way the relationship turned out. At least she tried. Goes to show that if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. Good thing Louis now has someone to talk to about his own father.

Since the funeral Evan decided to create a will. Always planning ahead, that kid. This led to the neighborhood thinking that he was dying and him receiving free casserole. You would think he’d know better and tell the truth, but he is a kid and free food is free food. He rode that storm out until he was done with it. For shame, Evan, but also good job. The only thing he didn’t fix was the fight between his brothers.

Eddie got a good chance to shine as a big brother this episode. Not only did he secretly help Emery out with the tie, but he also gave him good advice. Emery’s bad luck is simply puberty, which questions whether the grandma has been messing with him this whole time. Anyways, now that Emery knows it’s not bad luck, he can learn how to deal with growing up and he has his older brother, Eddie, there to help him. There’s no doubt the two of them will have more bonding moments.

Sidenote: Good for “Madison” finally having the life her sisters never gave her. It’s sad that their deaths meant her release. Hopefully she has a happy marriage.

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