Fresh Off the Boat 4×07 Review: “The Day After Thanksgiving”

Bernard (George Takei) came over for Thanksgiving and it was not what the Huangs expected. If there’s one thing Louis loves to do it’s meddling with his family’s life, but he always has the best intentions in mind. Feeling that his mother was lonely and with the Huangs having no plans for Thanksgiving, Louis chose to play Cupid. He invited Bernard over to please his mom, and she seemed excited to see him. The issue was that Bernard was super annoying, which was hilarious in the way that he clearly couldn’t read the room or how people were feeling about him. He was in his own world and was even making himself laugh. Unfortunately he ended up throwing up, then walked into a rude conversation the Huangs were having about him. Poor Bernard.

A nice touch to the whole situation was when Jessica realized that the grandma loved spending time with her. The grandmother has her own life, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get lonely. As I’ve stated before, her character does better with drama more than comedy, so this episode worked in her favor. Hopefully her and Jessica can have a lot more moments as the season continues.

As this was happening, Evan was trying to deal with his fears after his brothers took him to see I Know What You Did Last Summer. It was funny how something as simple as a bike ride could bring his imagination into them having a gruesome death. Another good scene was when he was rocking back and forth singing the Barney theme song. The movie really messed him up. It didn’t help that the Barney balloon got punctured and then the police had to come over and stab it to release all the air. In the end, Evan managed to overcome his fear and blackmail his brothers. He could’ve asked for anything, but all he wanted was to go to the Teacher Supply Store. At least he knows what he wants.

The funniest moment of the entire episode was Honey regaling Jessica and the Grandmother of her Thanksgiving night that she couldn’t remember. Good thing she doesn’t remember because she admitted to using the Grandma for her chair. Honey’s story sounded hilarious. She clearly had too much to drink and did a number of things that probably didn’t make sense. I mean, she woke up with her wet and her shoes on. That sounds like an interesting night. What made it even funnier was that she was chugging down a beer throughout the tale. Oh, Honey, what are they going to do with you.

Side note: Why does Eddie think his Wu-Tang socks will lead to girls kissing him?

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.


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