Fresh Off the Boat 4×09 Review: “Slide Effect”

Eddie learns that being bad isn’t that cool. What could’ve turned into a more interesting episode of Eddie trying to find his own school club to join, it was replaced with a recycled idea of Eddie trying to be cooler than his friends. They all found their own hobbies to pursue, but none of them were cool enough for Eddie. Instead he got himself into detention in order to spite his friend and father, and while he was there he impressed the hacky sack kids, aka The Sackers. At first they seemed cool, but it turns out they were actually bad kids and they stole money, which got Trent fired. Eddie fixes his mistake and gets Trent reinstated.

Although Eddie’s conflict was a good message to younger viewers–telling them that they should be good kids and follow their passions–the bigger issue lies in that we’ve seen this before. Eddie is known to ditch his friends in order to do something that he thinks is cooler. At this point it’s kind of becoming an old idea. If this trend is going to continue, then the writers must find different ways for Eddie to get through high school or else his character is going to get stale.

Jessica had a nice twist this episode because she was actually down on herself. Her confidence wasn’t that high and she didn’t want to get her book published anymore. She started writing what sounded like a hilarious children’s book about an alligator eating kids’ dreams. What was nice about her conflict was that Honey saved the day. She knew Jessica was going to give up, but as a good friend she didn’t let that happen and everything turned out okay with the photo. Plus, Honey’s speech to her was really touching.

Evan and Emery were actually kind of funny this episode. The way their shots were completely out of focus, but they were selling them as if they were agents. Not to mention they tried to do the same thing twice, but Jessica caught on quick. It was a little touching how she chose one of their photos in the end.

Louis had a pretty mundane time, but somehow he made it funny with the surveys he was getting from telemarketers and his own mother, and heating up a burrito without the instructions. They don’t sound funny on paper, but the way he delivers his lines makes them humorous; even at the end when he said he was totally on board with the musical.

Let me just say that the last joke at the end of the episode was surprisingly funny. The way the principal came in and shut down the entire show because of copyright. I don’t know why they thought calling Rent, “Brent” would be fine. They should’ve chosen something else.

Lastly, I don’t know how I feel about the one line saying that Asian dads don’t say “I love you.” The way it was delivered felt rude and I don’t know if that was on purpose, or if it was supposed to be a joke, but it felt unnecessary no matter what.

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.



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