Gotham 4×11 Review: “A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight”

True to its name, “A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight” was the grand culmination of every move made during the first half of Gotham fourth season. Sofia was the spider weaving a calculated web that affected nearly every single one of our heroes and villains in Gotham City. She was cold, she was calculating, and she nearly got every single thing she wanted. You have to give her a round of applause – it was masterful. This hour of Gotham was a battle that needed to be seen.

Sure, we had the classic fake out and the obvious blindside murder twist. Who didn’t immediately deduce that Sofia planned her father’s death? But, even with these plot clichés, I loved that her master plan stretched so far back that it involved decisions made by other characters and the villains who appeared on screen. She seized the opportunity and weaved this web. Her tying her crimes to James Gordon’s early visit to Miami will no doubt affect his character development in the future. He won’t be able to ignore this betrayal, and he’ll have to live with it while running the GCPD.

David Giesbrecht/FOX

I’m going to miss Carmine Falcone. He was a good villain who was both honorable and ruthless. Though, I fully expected his death when it was revealed he betrayed Sofia and made a deal with Penguin. He made a vow that he would never return to Gotham City and, of course, his first trip back to Gotham led to his death. You can’t ignore that connection. While I enjoyed all of Sofia’s actions that resulted from his murder, I think Victor Zsasz’s character change was another one of the biggest shockers. I didn’t see him betraying Penguin at all! He was always a loyal henchman – this changed things up considerably.

Barbara, Tabitha and Selina finally getting what they wanted was a long time coming. We’ve watched over the course of a few episodes now them losing their business, switching sides and climbing up through the crime ranks. A positive outcome looked to be out of reach. I was on the fence if they would come out as winners once they joined Sofia’s team since it seemed like Penguin was planning too far ahead and had everyone on his side. All of that worrying was for naught. Our favorite trio succeeded in getting their club back, and Tabitha broke through Butch’s mind amnesia. Still, I think he will revert back to Solomon Grundy pretty soon; he’s too valuable as a mindless enforcer to give up.

Bruce still being in party boy mode will no doubt have negative consequences. Once he fired Alfred for hitting him, it became clear that an “Evil Bruce” storyline would be coming for Gotham in season four’s second half. Though, if we’re being upfront, I loved the scene of Alfred and Bruce fighting at the manor. Bruce needed to have some sense knocked into him – he has been a brat for a long while now. This partying was a cry for help and Alfred continued to clean up his mess. I’m not sure how he’ll snap out of it, but Alfred will be back. Gotham has tried this storyline before and Alfred always makes his way back to Bruce.

David Giesbrecht/FOX

Edward needs to become The Riddler ASAP! Sure, the simple version of Ed who helps run the fight club was an interesting character, but it’s time to get back to the character we all know and love. It’s great to see his mind start to fracture with the return of his former persona. As we saw in the first season of Gotham, this was the prelude for his intelligence and his psychopathic nature to increase. My only negative of “A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight” was that it didn’t push the dial on Ed’s story. It stayed nearly at the exact moment from the episode before with his mind fracturing. We didn’t learn anything new – this merely wasted time.

Jerome is back! I’m so excited for the return of this Joker-type. He causes a lot of drama whenever he returns to Gotham. There’s no doubt he will bring an onslaught of death, drama and war with him when he and Penguin eventually find their escape from Arkham Asylum. (It’s also quite troublesome that I find a lot of joy with the thought of this villain being villainous.)

“A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight” ramped up the storyline and provided a climax to all of the points being weaved into this big web. Sofia’s introduction to Gotham, while bumpy at times, helped to push the storyline of Penguin, James Gordon, Professor Pyg and the Sirens to name a few. This was a great episode to jump into the next phase of the story – one where Penguin is no longer in power and where Gotham City has a chance of taking back the night from the villains, even in a minuscule way.



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