Fresh Off the Boat 4×12 Review: “Liar Liar”

On Fresh Off the Boat this week, it turns out that Louis can be too helpful around new people. What made this interesting was that this was a side of Louis that we never see. He’s a successful business man and a father of three who typically just gets stuff done, but when it comes to new friends he has a need to prove himself. Far enough so that he’ll slip a disc by overextending himself. For someone who is usually in charge it’s funny that he wants to be needed by strangers, but this issue speaks to something bigger. Louis doesn’t have that many friends. Marvin is basically his one and only friend, and I know I didn’t take that into account until the show brought it up. Louis is not used to juggling more than one all the time so he overcompensates by agreeing to help everyone. Luckily for him, Jessica knows all the signs and was willing to help him out. He even learned in the end that he didn’t need to help everyone with everything. He also got the nickname Dogwood.

Eddie, on the other hand, had to help Nicole keep it real with Jackie. Turns out she was lying to her crush in order to seem more likable, which didn’t sit well with Eddie, especially when he needed back up about Jim Carrey. Although, at certain moments he wasn’t being a good wing man, either. Eventually, Eddie got through to Nicole and just told her to be herself and Jackie could decide for herself whether she liked her or not. Nicole did that and it turns out that Jackie doesn’t date people that only speak one language. That’s a weird rule in my mind, but hey, to each their own. At least now Nicole knows that Jackie isn’t her type and she can move on to finding a new crush.

Evan and Emery were dealing with a Honey problem. She was taking too long to get ready and was continuously ruining their plans. They tried to be good friends and help out, but it turns out that Honey isn’t truly ready to commit. She’s now saving time on doing her hair, but still taking awhile in the wardrobe department. Doesn’t seem like she’s going to improve on that anytime soon. The funniest part is that the boys agreed to stop inviting her places. The best way to deal with the problem is to totally get rid of it. Hopefully this issue comes back up in a future episode, even if it’s an Easter egg or throwaway line. It would show that Honey noticed that she’s being left out.

Fresh Off The Boat airs Tuesday at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.


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