Concert Review: Metric at The Fillmore

So, last Friday night I had the chance to live out one of my dreams, and that dream happened to be seeing Metric live in concert.

I took the day off from school and work to spend the afternoon with a good friend of mine roaming Miami Beach in search of Emily Haines and the crew to no avail…but while our celebrity sighting wasn’t exactly a success, I can say that the rest of the night made up for the lack of celebrity one-on-one time.

A few months back when I first ordered my ticket for the show, there was an option on Ticketmaster that included a VIP entrance for five extra dollars. It didn’t exactly specify what the ‘VIP Entrance’ entitled, but for five dollars, I couldn’t say no, so VIP I went.

And as it turned out, VIP entitled this:

Along with this phenomenal lounge, we got the chance to meet some great fans and while everyone else waited a whole two hours in the scorching Miami sun, we waited only an hour and thirty minutes inside a nice cool room and spent the next half hour on set. That’s right, five dollar VIP means early access, too. Talk about a steal.

Lucky for us, the show started right on time, and while prior to the start of the show everyone was asking who Half Moon Run was, because, you know, it’s just awkward not knowing the group that’s opening for your favorite band, the second these guys walked on stage, I think everyone knew they wouldn’t be a name to forget so easily. On a small side note, if you’re looking for anything that somehow manages to clash Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, and Death Cab for Cutie while making it work, then this Canadian based band’s for you. HMR played for one awesomely solid hour before giving away the stage to Metric.

Emily Haines took the spotlight in what had to be the coolest outfit ever, consisting of a black flame leather jacket and beautiful wine red platinum pumps with see-through heels. From start to finish she kept the crowd up and going by means of dancing and her crazy keyboarding skills.



The audio at the venue was authentic, and between Emily’s panting and the every occasional vocal change-up, the sound felt, if anything, more raw and realistic.

There was a nonstop light show throughout the performance, and I felt it collaborated well with their songs, as well as their music videos, considering most of them have the same light effects and such.


Emily ended things on a beautiful note, choosing to do an acoustic version of ‘Gimme Sympathy’ with Jimmy Shaw, which may or may not have induced tears from some of us.


There was a variety of songs from Synthetica, Fantasies, Old World Underground, and Live It Out, which was obviously key to crowd pleasing in this case. Fans old and new could appreciate the electro-rock sound of the Metric of then and now, and judging from the reaction of the crowd, they certainly did.


When the show came to an end, a few new friends and I headed to the merch booth to purchase some Emily Haines gear when we came across the members of Full Moon Run.


We all got the chance to talk to them a bit about their music, life in Montreal, and other miscellaneous before retrieving some free signed posters and pictures, too. The guys were the sweetest things we’d ever come across, which, I have to add, made me love their music more than I already did after their performance. A kind personality will get you far, people.

To top off the night we were able to snag a few T-shirt’s, posters, and free CD’s on our way out of The Fillmore.

All in all Metric’s performance for the night was top gun and one I would be eager to experience all over again if the opportunity ever did present itself, which hopefully it will!

For those of you out of the Miami area, the band is still touring and their current schedule can be found right here:

So what about you guys? Are you a fan of Metric? Any noteworthy concerts you’re looking forward to attending or already have attended? Let us know in the comments!


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