Fresh Off the Boat 4×18 Review: “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

This week’s episode of Fresh Off the Boat was a really boring filler episode. Since it’s filler it shouldn’t matter that much, but this episode could completely be overlooked.
A majority of the episode was spent on Louis being unsure whether or not he should buy back Kenny’s part of the restaurant. He was extremely unsure about his next move, but Jessica insisted that he buy it back. The main issue with the conflict was that there wasn’t a clear enough reason for Louis to not own the entire thing. What would’ve been the issue if he owned it all? The answer didn’t come until the end, but it was too late. The main concern he had was that people wouldn’t come into the restaurant without the celebrity names attached. If that was the struggle from the beginning then this would’ve made his concerns more prominent, but since it was put in a throwaway line it just seemed like Louis was hesitating for no good reason.
Jessica’s help by bringing in Madam Gao felt useless. She made one prediction and Louis immediately turned it down. He then had a vision that convinced him, which made her whole trip seem like a big waste of time on Jessica’s part. Yes, it helped, but it wasn’t worth the flight to introduce a character that would do one tiny thing then pretty much disappear.

In addition, neither of the visions the pair had worked. They were clearly meant to be funny, but I didn’t even chuckle. The episode could’ve done without them, especially Jessica’s because it was really weird. It almost felt like a different show.
Meanwhile, Eddie and Emery were trying to get Evan to break Lent. Their prank to get Evan to stop wearing underwear for 40 days was a humorous idea, but it didn’t go anywhere. Evan didn’t believe them. The brothers felt bad and confessed before their little brother even remotely thought that they were telling the truth. They should’ve waited until he bought it and then waited another day or two to reveal their lie.
Overall, this episode was pretty void of any real plot development. Louis did buy his restaurant back, but there was never any real doubt that he wouldn’t do just that. Jessica is still act first, say sorry later. Evan is still religious and the brothers have to deal with it even more now.

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC


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