Once Upon a Time 7×15 Review: Secondary Characters Say Farewell in “Sisterhood”

As the final season of Once Upon A Time is starting to wind down, so are some of the secondary characters. In the last few episodes alone, a handful of recently introduced characters have bid farewell to the magical world.

In “Sisterhood,” the residents of Hyperion Heights say goodbye to Drisella and her recently awoken sister, Ana. Drisella was introduced as this season’s villain behind her recently deceased mother, Victoria. After her mother passed a few episodes ago, Drisella tried to right her wrongs and reconnect with her sister.

After being the reason everyone was cursed in Hyperion Heights, Drisella leaves them all stranded to break the curse on her own.

Drisella ultimately goes back to their magical realm because Mother Gothel is trying to use her sister’s powers for her own gain. Drisella gets help from Dr. Facilier to locate Ana, who disappeared following Victoria’s death.

Drisella is able to get Ana to their mother’s old office. This is where Mother Gothel finds them. She tried to have Ana turn on Drisella, but their bond was stronger than anything despite what Drisella has done to Ana.

With Mother Gothel out of the picture for a little bit, the two sisters turn to a magic bean to take them home. Regina ultimately allows Drisella to leave so they can remain safe from Mother Gothel.


Now that Drisella, the creator of their curse is gone, it is up to Regina and Rumple to break Drisella’s curse and save Henry’s fate.

This is an interesting turn of events because Regina and Rumple have barely interacted this season. It’s been dragging because the two former villains were always butting heads in Storybrooke. Their love-hate relationship was entertaining to watch, primarily because of the chemistry between Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle.


One downside to their new predicament is the return of Dr. Facilier. His character has stuck around following the Princess and the Frog storyline. Dr. Facilier reveals to Regina at the end of the episode that he helped Drisella find Ana because he wanted to steal her powers for Regina. He hands her a vile of Ana’s magic as a gift to save Henry’s life.

It is unclear what his motive is and there are barely any episodes left in the series for the writers to drag it out. Hopefully, this is a one-and-done deal because the last thing Once Upon A Time needs to do is introduce a secondary character no one will care about at the end of the series.


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