Big Brother Canada 6 Review: “Week 8”

The triple eviction has struck again on Big Brother Canada! Three houseguests were sent out the door on a single night, and if we’re being direct, the identities of the fallen houseguests were devastating to hear! They were some of the most engaging, vocal and strategic players of the bunch – those traits didn’t relate to everyone, but the loss was felt. Alejandra, Johnny and Olivia got the boot, but what’s shocking was that their week started off so strong. This trio had the power until bad decisions started a chain of events that led to their evictions back-to-back. The house was so close to “Daela” being evicted.

Once Johnny won Head of Household before the triple eviction round, Kaela and Derek were the obvious targets, and they NEEDED to go on the block. Both of them were the strongest players in the game and after back-to-back wins, their challenge prowess had become too perfectly clear. The others couldn’t risk keeping them in the game. Johnny made the best move by not putting a pawn on the block and nominating them separately; nominating them both would guarantee that at least one would be evicted. Though, in hindsight, that reality was not the case.

Paras and Kaela went for the jugular against each other during their campaigning. Kaela tried to do the same exact thing she faulted Ryan for when she was Head of Household. The similarities were astonishing when she threw her allies under the bus to Johnny in hopes of saving herself. To her, obviously the move wasn’t wrong when she did it, but it was shady and evil when Ryan did it. She’s a bit of a hypocrite (but that’s neither here nor there). Kaela not giving up and trying to campaign was a good move since it showed that she wasn’t willing to throw in the towel. Though, a lot of respect needs to go to Paras because she wasn’t going to back down and let Kaela push her around. She defended herself and made her case to Johnny why nobody should trust Kaela or Derek. This fight has to be one of the highlights of Big Brother Canada 6.

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The Power of Veto competition stood out as the most unique and best game of the round. Even with the triple eviction involved, most of the challenges involved trivia or quick puzzles, but this POV had an endurance and knowledge element to it. Watching the houseguests race around the infinity loop while picking out past moments from the season was a new spin on the typical history challenge. And many of the players who normally had weaker games or never performed stood out this time around. Maddy killed it in the challenge, and if Derek had not copied every move she made, she would’ve won her first competition. There is a challenge competitor somewhere in there – it’s a shame she never showed it before now.

Will, Maddy and Paras had a lot of power going into the first elimination of the triple eviction. The trio alliance essentially got to choose which houseguest would be voted out of the game. Johnny made the big mistake by nominating Alejandra as the replacement instead of someone from the trio because it placed the power squarely into the hands of one alliance. If he had wanted to guarantee Kaela’s eviction, he needed to separate that big alliance, especially after it became clear that Daela was turning against Olivia and Alejandra. Even though he said Kaela would’ve stayed regardless, that reality wasn’t as simple. If someone like Maddy went on the block: Will and Paras would’ve saved Maddy, Derek would vote to keep Kaela, and Olivia and Alejandra would be the tie-breakers. They’re Johnny’s closest allies, so it made more sense for him to keep Ali instead of the others.

The power of Daela has rocked the Big Brother Canada 6 house. These players are going to regret the decision they made in the long-run when they decided to keep Kaela over Alejandra. Keeping the bigger threat from a powerful duo should not have been the weaker option than voting someone out who was an unsure ally. Kaela is a dangerous competitor. She’s won multiple challenges and with Derek by her side, the pair could easily steamroll the others to make it to the end. Don’t get me wrong, Paras, Maddy and Will were scared of the triple eviction, so their reasoning was based on having the numbers going into the twist. But, they clearly weren’t thinking when they thought Olivia and Alejandra were a scarier duo after the triple. The showmance are still the strongest players in the house.

Alejandra’s eviction was filled with intense fire and drama. She followed Erica’s lead by speaking her mind and letting the showmance know how she felt about them on her way out the door. These last few evictions have been so much fun to watch because these houseguests don’t care about the formalities. If they’re mad or feel betrayed, they’re going to let the world know. At least she had a good exit; there was no chance Alejandra was going to win Big Brother Canada 6. She had a few good friendships, but she didn’t reaffirm any connections before her eviction and she didn’t win anything. Her Big Brother resume was lacking if she ever made it to the end.

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Johnny and Olivia’s evictions were set once Derek won HOH and Kaela won the POV. The trio of Maddy, Paras and Will had no reason to turn against each other, and with Daela sitting pretty with power, they couldn’t target the showmance even if they tried. Johnny went into the triple eviction night being the biggest target out of everyone due to his HOH ego and the shift in power that rocked the house. His ONLY path to surviving was winning POV or having Olivia win HOH. That didn’t happen and he became the easy vote.


Olivia, on the other hand, suffered due to the lack of options. If this had been a normal eviction night, or even a double eviction, she would have survived. No one was targeting her and she had the relationships to make it to the Final 3, with exception to Will who hated her. Derek and Kaela wanted her gone since they had a thing going with Will, Maddy and Paras. And, even if they changed their mind, they would’ve been outvoted regardless by Will and Paras’ votes to save Maddy.

The eighth week of Big Brother Canada 6 had all the action, drama and strategic gameplay for an entertaining round. Even the poor decisions that many of the houseguests made still worked to the benefit of the storyline. As mentioned above, the houseguests are going to regret keeping Daela in the house, especially since Will, Maddy and Paras never won anything all season long. That reality is going to hit hard when the time comes.


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