12 Days of Dashner Giveaway

  • Linda Romer

    No, I haven’t read The Mortality Doctrine series yet. I have read The Maze Runner and saw the movie. I love James Dashner ♡ and am looking forward to reading The Scortch Trials and the rest of The Maze Runner series as well as The Mortality Doctrine series. Thank you

  • Lauren Kimmel

    I have not read the Mortality Doctrine series yet but I really would like to! I read The Maze Runner series including The Kill Order a few years ago and they were incredible (SO excited for The Fever Code)! I would love to have signed books by James to cherish forever and read yet another no doubt epic series he has created.

  • Mike Bratek

    I want to read these because of so many positive reviews of these books have been overwhelming!

  • Shay

    The cover art alone is impressive.

  • Jon12058

    I’ve read the other books in the series and loved them!

  • cynthia coronado

    That is awesome. Thank you!!

  • Prasert

    I have not but heard they are awesome!

  • Alice

    They look very interesting!

  • Kim V

    No, I haven’t read any of the Mortality Doctrine series but I would love to.