Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Week 2 Review: Sand Hits the Fan

Week two of Bachelor in Paradise started off with a bang. For two nights we got to witness the multiple love triangles of the many bachelor lovers. But of course the drama was mainly focused on Tia and Colton.

The entire beach began to question Colton’s intentions with Tia. The guys wanted to protect Tia’s heart while the girls wanted her to experience all that Paradise had to offer. Before the rose ceremony where the girls have the power, Tia has a heart-to-heart with Colton.

Colton tells her he’s trying to figure things out and doesn’t want her to see him doing that. He just kept singing the same song, which was that he was still working through his feelings for Becca. It’s a fair excuse, but Tia also brought up the fact that if that was the case, he shouldn’t even be there. Poor Tia was in tears trying to keep their relationship alive but it honestly doesn’t seem worth it.

The moment Tia walks away from Colton, Chris swoops in to ensure he gets her rose. It works because Tia ends up choosing Chris and Colton actually looked disappointed. Seriously, dude? It’s no surprise she didn’t choose Colton because he was being kind of a jerk.

However, in a shocking twist Bibiana gave Colton the final rose of the night, freaking everyone out. She told him it was his chance to show everyone who he truly was. By doing that, both Nick and Wills from Becca’s season left Paradise.

The next day, as the sand began to settle, Becca showed up in Paradise to chat with the ladies. Of course the drama reverted back to Colton who started talking about how he hadn’t gotten closure from Becca, who started talking to Tia.

As Colton started to break down to the cameras about closure, Becca set out to find him and help ease his pain. Becca gave him some words of wisdom, which led Colton to move forward and establish connections with the other ladies.

Days go on as new girls enter the beach, but that doesn’t draw away from the Colton/Tia/Chris triangle. After her date with Kenny, Crystal decided to break things off to explore their options in Paradise. That’s when she set her eyes on Chris. Cue the dramatic music.



Crystal was weary in the beginning because of Tia and Chris’ connection. Although, Chris started macking hard on Crystal, telling her he’s “never kissed a blonde” and he’s not in a relationship even though he told Tia he was “all in.” Chris, out in the open, started making out with Crystal while Tia was sitting with some ladies chatting about how Chris is 100% hers.

In the end, Chris did the dumbest thing and started to brag to everyone about their makeout session. That is near Colton, who says he still cares for Tia and doesn’t want her to get hurt. The episode ends with Colton telling her about Chris and Crystal which sets her off.

Sand literally hit the fan as Tia set out for blood. Not only did she get screwed over by Colton, but here she was about to go ham on Chris for doing the same thing. Buckle up friends, we have four new hours of Paradise and drama next week.



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